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Discover your CYCLES (active numerology)

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

In Numerology the life path could be likened to a theatre play, in which the cycles are the acts and the pinnacles are the scenes. If we push this example a bit further, we could say that the challenges could be compared to the efforts required by the actors to harmonise with what is required by the roles they have been given. The essence is the plot or storyline.

Here you will find instructions and hints on how to calculate and discover the meaning of your cycles. Of course proper understanding will require research and trust in your intuition.

Calculating the number of your life path:

In Numerology, your Life Path number is considered an important indicator of your life, and it is quite easy to calculate it and get to know what it leads to.

The Life Path Number will open up your awareness into certain cycles in your life, what to be careful for and what challenges will present themselves to you.

Here are 3 examples to understand how to calculate your own life path number:

(we'll keep using these 3 examples throughout this article)

example 1 : 17.01.1976 :

1+7+0+1+1+9+7+6 = 23 = 5

example 2 : 16.02.1990 :

1+6+0+2+1+9+9+0 = 28 = 10 = 1

example 3 : 19.12.1991 :

1+9+1+2+1+9+9+1 = 33 = 6

Knowing the essence of your life path:

The main colour of the painting.

We need to add the sum of your day of birth + month to your life path number :

example 1 : 17.01.1976 :

(17 + 01 = 18 = 9) SO 9 + 5 = 14 = 5

example 2 : 16.02.1990 :

(16 + 02 = 18 = 9) SO 9 + 1 = 10 = 1

example 3 : 19.12.1991 :

(19 + 12 = 31 = 4) SO 4 + 6 = 10 = 1

The 3 main cycles of your path life: (refer to cycles schedule)

- 1st cycle = MONTH = the formative cycle

- 2nd cycle = DAY OF BIRTH = the productive cycle

- 3rd cycle = YEAR OF BIRTH= the harvest cycle

example 1 : 17.01.1976

1st cycle / Month : 1 2nd cycle / Day : 8 3rd cycle / Year : 5

example 2 : 16.02.1990

1st cycle / Month : 2 2nd cycle / Day : 7 3rd cycle / Year : 1

example 3 : 19.12.1991

1st cycle / Month : 3 2nd cycle / Day : 1 3rd cycle / Year : 2

The 4 Pinnacles cycles of your life path:

Numerology divides our life into four so-called Pinnacles, each one bears a life-lesson that we have to go through. The first Pinnacle lasts from the day you are born to approximately 30-35 years; this number is different for everyone. The second and third Pinnacles are 9 years long each. The fourth pinnacle lasts from the end of the 3rd pinnacle until we pass away.

The calculation comes from the cycles: (illustration schedule pinnacles above)

Month Day of birth Year of birth

1st Pinnacle period = month + day of birth

2nd Pinnacle period = day of birth + year of birth

3rd Pinnacle period = 1st + 2nd period

4th Pinnacle period = month + year of birth

The challenges of your life path:

They refer to the areas of existence for which a particular effort is required to overcome and progress. Each challenge can be considered in relation to the corresponding pinnacle period. Challenge 1 corresponds to Pinnacle 1, and so on.The 3rd challenge covers the 3rd and the 4th pinnacle period

The calculation also come from the cycles:

Month Day of birth Year of birth

1st challenge = subtraction : month - day of birth

2nd challenge = subtraction : day of birth - year of birth

3rd challenge = subtraction : 1st - 2nd challenge

It’s important to decipher the subtleties of your life path. It is useful to know the symbols of the numbers, to be familiar with the energy of the numbers, to trust your intuition.

Remember that a system is worth it only if you find something in it.

Every system is made to interact with your awareness. See what you feel and do your own research. The inspiration on how to perceive things is all uniquely yours. It's like Kung Fu or Karate Styles, they have different techniques but all the same topic/art. There are numerous ways of deciphering the numbers.

The questions you ask to yourselves about a number or interactions with numbers is a very very good indicator!



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