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Dolphins Show The Way

Updated: May 14, 2021

Recently we went for a short trip to a little island to have a hike, explore and enjoy the unknown. Whilst being on the ferry and feeling the soft breeze, some people and myself included saw an amazing creature jumping quite close. A Dolphin! The sighting brought in happiness within the seconds! All the other people who missed it were looking around wanting to catch a glimpse as well. A minute later Zven pointed at my towel with three dolphins on it. Oh! Surprising.. ?

When a dolphin shows up in our lives it can be saying many things to us if we are aware of its power. As a spirit animal it's a symbol of cooperation, inner strength, peace and playfulness. If we are taking life too seriously maybe it's time to lay back and really enjoy the ride? Dolphins naturally understand the importance of playfulness - let your inner child thrive. Create, dance, be different and try to see who you really are. It can then help us heal in so many ways.

What's more; dolphins have a very deep sixth sense. They trust it to guide them in the right direction, especially in the dark waters. Our intuition, inner strength shows us the way most of the times, but we constantly ignore it or believe it is 'not right' to give more importance to the mind. Maybe it is right and maybe it is now time to learn to tell the mind apart from your inner strength?

Cooperation is another very important aspect. Dolphins are usually living and enjoying life in groups. They are very social and have their own way of communication. They play, hunt, travel and defend themselves in this way.

Sometimes we need guidance, a shoulder to lean on or a team to make our own path more bearable and easier to walk through. And that is great! We shall try to not refuse a helping hand in a time of need, we shall be honest and direct with our communication like the dolphins are showing us. Then more joy, laughter and calmness will come into our lives.

Dolphins naturally are protectors. There are many examples when dolphins helped humans, whales, or other creatures in the sea. Their kind nature teaches us to look beyond our ego and find the power to forgive, help and nourish what's around us. Nature being first and foremost - dolphins home - the sea.

Whenever we feel that a dolphin came to tell us something we shall look deep into our life as it is. Maybe we need to start enjoying little things because the 'big' ones may never come? Or maybe it shows us that the balance, peace and love we seek is already there. Inside us. Let's be brave enough to see it, smart enough to follow it and playful enough to enjoy it.



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