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Full Moon in Aquarius + Lammas, August 1st, 2023.

Inspired Healing

The Moon in Aquarius is a chance to discover the hidden feeling of solidarity lying within. A sense of altruism, of what we share with others in the very fact of being human, and of simply being alive. In this, the most basic and overlooked aspect of who we are as incarnated beings, we can find the spark for synchronized action, like a troop of dancers dissolving the burdens that tax the social and natural fabric. By responding to this spark, we usher harmony through unrehearsed and inspired movements.

Chiron's turn to retrograde marks a prelude to this full Moon, and will accompany a process of deep healing for the next 5 months. Our deepest wound, expressed so many times under different guises during our lives, can become a portal to consciousness, a crack in the physical matrix that opens us to infinity.

What goes into the Harvest?

That Lammas or Lughnasadh falls in the Leo / Aquarius axis is of course not a coincidence. Besides the more tangible and obvious characteristics of heat, light, and harvest, there is also an Aquarian call for honouring the past, as a way to bring into view what we have taken for granted. As we remember how we got to live like we do, we can also honour those nameless multitudes who made the necessary sacrifices. This is the Saturnian vibration of Aquarius, but also plays into the hands of its Uranian nature, as the retrieval of what we have forgotten and taken for granted will often guide us into surprising futures. So in celebrating the harvest we do well to honour all that goes into the maintenance of life and life forms. In this way we slowly gain a wider sort of feeling for the mind-blowing fact that in every grain there is the history of infinity, that the richness of every single entity in this world is impossible to grasp with the rational mind. This would sort out our arrogance.

Lammas, also within days of the Mayan new year , brings the energy of starting new things. The work begins now. It is the feast of sharing our creation, and of improving what is not satisfactory; and both Leo and Aquarius bring something essential to the table concerning this process. The sense of adventure in the world of ideas, and the commitment to truth and justice that characterise Aquarius, are powered by the direct and exuberant confidence of Leo...

A look at the challenges

As usual it is not all honey and flowers. Saturn and Uranus, the rulers of Aquarius, are both forming hard aspects to Venus... and Saturn is including in its opposition to Venus, both Mercury and Mars. So there is certainly something about an impediment in communication between the sexes that must be dealt with. But that is not all. Something is boiling to be given structural expression, an act of creative communication that requires the healing from a blockage, a karmic fear.

Expanding one's material property and relationship-base might also encounter some hiccups. But be careful not to jump to hasty conclusions. While Jupiter and Venus do encounter a good dose of 'hardness', there is also much that can balance it out. Jupiter, for one, forms a beautiful trine with Mars (and Sappho). This indicates a flowing energy available for creative and subversive activity; something that shakes the system through creative and honest-to-self activity. This is also a highly sexual energy, so for those who can and choose to, enjoy the pleasures of romance!

A crack between worlds

Last but definitely not least is Neptune, forming sextiles to Pluto and Uranus. This invites us to trust our intuition, focus our intent on the deeper storyline of our lives, and pay great attention to the dream body. This position of Neptune is a clear indication that this full Moon can be a life-changing juncture. The importance of Neptune is increased by the rare occurrence of the 'Blue Moon', a 2nd full Moon in a month, which will happen on the 30th August in the sign of Pisces, which as we know is ruled by Neptune. Both are considered 'supermoons' due to their unusual proximity to Earth. This brings about more emotional activity and more spiritual insight, and is linked to the physical pull of the Moon on bodies of water. The manifested and the unmanifested are brought to bear upon each other, the deep wounds become portals, dreams become real, and reality is revealed as dream.

These 2 superMoons have a special relationship to the Gregorian calendar, as their interaction within the same month depends on that specific matrix. If we consider that this full Moon comes days after the 'missing day' of the Mayan Calendar , then we know that a crack is about to form in the matrix. How will it manifest in your life?


The general feeling of this FM is one of positive flowering... eventually, with patience. More importantly there is great potential for deep healing, of moving beyond the practice of carrying corpses. With Chariklo, Chiron's feminine counterpart, in retrograde and conjunct the Moon, we are encouraged to trust our intuition and messages from the deep, as these will give us access to secrets of well-being and healing, as we face the uncertainties ahead.


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