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Full Moon in Leo, 5th February 2023, 19.28 CET, Malta.

Moon in Leo, Sun in Aquarius

When in Leo the Moon develops a strong urge to see its own worth reflected in the eyes of others. Its generosity and willingness to nurture others can frequently disguise a deep insecurity and need for validation.

The Moon in Leo however demands the expression of emotions. There is a genuine urge to express something that is deeply unique to the individual. It is a good idea to use this time to explore the rainbow of human emotions and the varied ways in which they can be accessed and expressed.

Leo carries the characteristics of the Sun, whose expression is direct and its light often blinding. The centre of the solar system feels limited by Aquarius' demand that the benefit of the group be considered a necessary part of the equation. This limit becomes even more pronounced as Saturn moves into a conjunction with the Sun. At the most fundamental level limits do not really exist. But on the levels that they do they act as potential teachings in flexibility, and therefore force us to expand our experience of Being. Limits in this sense are Saturn's area. He is the scout planet of the chart, which means that he acts as the purveyor of hard, life-long lessons, vital to our search for a less egoic way of living.

The full Moon occurs when the Sun and Moon are in opposition. This aspect is an opportunity for integration.This slippery concept could be described as the deep realization that, hidden underneath the impression of opposite polarities, there is a harmony between complimentary aspects of the whole. In music the 2nd harmonic (opposition) expresses a deep spiritual longing... In other words, if the individual finds a true alignment to his destiny his actions of expression will naturally benefit the group. This works also the other way round, as a group that is truly healthy is one in which the space for genuine individual expression is encouraged and possible.

The T-Square

The challenge of flexibility is confirmed and made more important by the fixed T-Square that Uranus forms with the full Moon, and which includes Saturn. The single-minded sense of purpose of this modality can easily turn into an inflexible attitude, of which Taurus' reluctance toward change might be the most pronounced version. In fact Uranus finds Taurus too slow, attached to material comforts, and occasionally too self-important. Uranus enters into a room and immediately starts moving furniture around, re-painting the walls (unless he decides to tear them down), and throwing away whatever has been forgotten inside the drawers. Taurus doesn't like this one bit. So Uranus, already riled up by a long-standing square to Saturn, in a sign that doesn't live up to its preferred rhythm, and with the Sun and Moon's tensions piled upon it, is a time bomb... or an earthquake if you prefer. A T-Square demands action, and action between two opposing forces, if it is not to turn into pure destruction, must be creative and flexible. Scorpio, acting as the 'missing leg' of the T-Square, provides the clue; in order to create the action required by this volatile pattern the individual must be ready to face the ego's death.


The god of war is nervous in Gemini. In war one needs focus and clear purpose; characteristics that are not Gemini's forte. This sign's mutability mirrors the speed of its ruler Mercury, who is to be found in Capricorn, kingdom of Saturn and good friend of Mars. So the limiting action of the scout planet can counter the interminable decision-making process of the dual Gemini, helping Mars bring about the focus it is so good at. Discipline and communication are shaking hands. If the strong Martian energy can be focused we can open an access to the available Venusian energy, and consequently to the fruit hanging from the T-Square.


Venus rules Taurus, where we find Uranus, the key planet to the the fixed T-Square. From this perspective we can appreciate the central role that Venus plays in connecting the dots of this chart. Venus is very comfortable in Pisces. As the circle of spirit presides over the cross of matter in the glyph that represents her, she finds the link of the emotional centre and the spirit very intuitive to navigate. She finds her dream; the access to spirit through matter. Venus in Pisces represents the close affinity of beauty, truth and harmony. This is Uranus' outlet: create something of lasting beauty from the debris of egoic structures.


This fast planet of communication and inner intuition is nicely placed in Capricorn, which slows him down, acting as an interface between conflicting 'speeds'. He provides Uranus with an expressive outlet, while heightening our sensitivity to the messages of emotions and dreams (sextile to Neptune). This all indicates that communication and intuition are going to play a vital role in dissipating the pressure Uranus is under and bringing something to fruition.

If we are able to bring down the mind's agitation enough to be able to listen, Mercury can act as a transmission receiver for Venus' frequencies. Emotions and Dreams are to be our main sources of revelations, and these revelations will enlighten our path ahead.


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