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Full Moon in the Axis Aquarius / Leo, 24th July 2021, 4.36 CET, Malta.


The star of this chart is obviously the Sun. It is in its rulership, and that fits the Sun particularly well. In its most innocent aspect the Sun can be described by J.Krishnamurti's words “free from the attempt to hold the self-protective lessons of life anew every day.” It is the way we experience life as improvisation, free of a pre-existing frame of reference.

The Sun in Leo gives the strong impulse for self-expression, enjoyment and the courage to move forward beyond the comfort zones we accumulate through our lives. But it can also become very self-centered, unreceptive, too focused on its own generosity and at the same time forgetting to acknowledge those to whom it is generous to in their complex and beautiful being. The Sun in Leo is not big on dialogue. It is the arch-archetype of the hero-king. If we manage, however, to mitigate the ego-centricity involved in “being a hero”, we can gain access to our own personal power by tapping into our heroic juices. Courage is needed in these times, for the lion must rise.

There is a strong leaning towards a more social, even global, perspective to this full Moon, not least because Aquarius, especially empowered by a Saturn R (square Uranus), is in the process of tearing down old unuseful structures and systems.

To further thicken the plot, if the star of this scene is the Sun, the director of the movie has to be Neptune R. The god of the sea is of course a generational planet. But we are living in a time in which our actions and choices will effect generations to come. And there is something else.

Neptune entered Pisces in April 2011, moving a few degrees forward and very soon pulling back – very much like a rubber band about to shoot out a projectile – to the doorstep of Pisces all over again.... only to return to direct motion in synchronization with the total eclipse of the 13th November 2021. If you imagine the rubber band being released in slow motion, this eclipse is the moment it is released, and by the end of December 2012, the shift in the modality of the times was set in motion. This is where the Mayan calendar stops with a strong emphasis on the Water element.

Right now this is happening again. Neptune R's rubber band is being pulled back, and it will be released again (turning direct) in sychronization with the total eclipse of the 4th December 2021, the final eclipse of the series which Kalen has identified as a Portal to a new quality of being for humanity. This portal is, after all, the end of a cycle, and the entry into a new one. In fact it is a 9-year cycle (9 = end of a cycle...2012 – 2021) with deep Neptunian undertones...

Or perhaps we should say “Undertow”.

Undertow def: “a strong current flowing underwater in a different direction to the way the water on the surface is moving” (Cambridge Dict.)

In other words, the Resistance; our alignment with the movement of Life under the shell of the systemic/political/pharmaceutical surface of calculated manipulation.

“The 3 new moons (NM) lead to number 16, meaning the need to choose another level of

awareness than the one shown by the system. One can call this destroying the old fake

patterns of our systems/governments.” (The Art of Numerology: Discovering the Portals)

This is where we are globally. Chiron in Aries entails an identity crisis on a spiritual level, which leads to healing through self-discovery and reclaiming our spiritual identity as luminous beings, not chickens for the flyers. But in order to understand the astrological context in which this revolution is taking place we need to listen out for the echoes of Uranus in Taurus. The last time Uranus was in this placement the world experienced one of the darkest periods in recorded history; the build-up and consummation of the 2nd World War. Uranus of course makes Taurus extremely uncomfortable, challenging deeply the illusions of material security that it clings to, and through which the structures of human disempowerment and slavery are upheld. We are living in a time in which the illusions of security are being torn down, and while this makes for very challenging times, it opens the opportunity for humanity to face a purer version of reality, relieved of the impediments to inspired living (of which security is a big one).

The resistance to this dissolution of the illusion of security and its structures is manifested in the obsession with “safety”, which the 'covid situation' has brought into clear relief. Authorities are going to great strategic lengths to manipulate and bully people to be vetted, vaccinated, and to remain compliant in the name of 'safety'.

The gravity of the inevitable conflict that looms over our times will depend on how willing we are to let go of the illusion of security and control.

Chiron R's sextile to Saturn R tells us that the quality of the tearing down of old structures depends on the level of awareness and alignment to the Neptunian undertow that we are willing and able to achieve. People who are sincere in their search for their soul are now called to lead the way into a new world. The alternative is chilling: a very ugly world in which truly evil forces, with the intent of enslaving humanity in total materialism, find fertile soil to achieve their twisted agenda.

Ahriman's head, carved in wood by Rudolph Steiner
Ahriman's head, carved in wood by Rudolph Steiner

A trap that is already very clearly forming has to do directly with this present full Moon. It is the trap of secterianism and extreme polarization, consistent with the darker side of the Moon's placement in Aquarius. In its revolutionary impulse the Moon in Aquarius (and Sun in Leo) can easily slip into the trap of only respecting its own set of ideas. This risk of extreme polarization becomes a formidable inevitability as soon as we consider the presence of Saturn R in Aquarius. Authorities have violated every 'rule' in the book based on a largely false narrative of an “emergency situation”, and this has obviously caused a legitimate reaction of courageous civil disobedience. This is necessary and will continue to be so through the foreseeable future. But if the situation escalates due to a lack of dialogue between groups that hold opposite points of view, the flyers will enjoy their buffet.

The Moon is peregrine in the first 20 degrees of Aquarius, which makes it hazy and confused, finding it very difficult to see the way forward. This difficulty will be partly eased in the second full Moon in the axis Aquarius / Leo on the 22nd of August, where the Moon gains dignity by face.

In the meantime we have the opening of the Sun in Leo, providing an enormous boost of creativity, courage, and self-expression that will allow the Resistance to express freedom and love as weapons against a system that is manufacturing slavery and hatred.


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