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Full Moon in the axis Capricorn / Cancer, 24th June 2021, 20.39 CET, Malta.

Rejoice in your own Light

As The Art of Numerology:Discovering the Portals points out, we have been domesticated by those forces that act upon us through the systems that manufacture our social life. In the same article we also see an exposition of how the lunations during this year 2021 follow a numerological pattern, and how they collectively form a portal that leads humanity out of this domestication. This full Moon is like a pivot for this process, and one could say that it is a crucial point in which the balance starts shifting.

The Karma in Systemic Structures

In my research for this article I came upon a YouTube video (link below) in which Philip Daniel Miles shares an astrological insight that seems to me to be of great value with regards to the karmic component of this Full Moon. In a nutshell, this full Moon, as well as other important lunations in these past 2 years of the “pandemic”, are happening in conjunction to the lunar nodes of a rare clustering of planets in Capricorn in the year 1284. Considering that during the 13th century we find a marked solidification of systemic domination (including the beginning of how the banking and monetary system has crystallised today), this makes this present lunation a moment to evaluate how humanity has been domesticated, and provides a window of discovery into freedom. “800 years” points clearly to a karmic influence.

Many other characteristics of this chart corroborate and enhance this insight, and I must mention a couple.

1. The sextile Pluto (currently retrograde) and Neptune (to turn retrograde 1 day after the FM); this is a multi-generational aspect lasting 73 years (1950 – 2023) which is marked (as history clearly shows) by devastating challenges to the established order and an awakening of consciousness. These, in all likelihood, will intensify in the coming decade.

2. There is a very interesting conjunction of the asteroid Juno to the South Node. It took me a while to understand why my body was telling me to look into it; until I came upon a particular designation of the Roman goddess Juno as Juno Moneta. Moneta was originally a separate goddess, the goddess of memory, which then was integrated into the title Juno Moneta; this was the goddess Juno acting as protectress of the money of the city. Therefore, a conjunction with the South lunar Node, the point of karma and the influence of the past in a chart, indicates that we are now called to deal with how a system obsessed with protection, economic viability, security, property, and accumulation, has hijacked humanity's potential through systemic reason.

3. This conjunction of Juno and the South Node is in opposition to another serious conjunction; the one between Black Moon Lilith and the North Node. This points quite clearly to the systemic source of the repression that our tremendous potential to shape our destiny has suffered; a wrong that we now have the opportunity to redress in a practical and effective manner.

Moving into an Inner Security

Jupiter, to whom Juno is the female counterpart, and which just turned retrograde, in a trine aspect to the Sun and sextile to the Moon, has to be a big player in this chart. It is not to be forgotten that Jupiter is known among astronomers to be the main protector of Earth from rogue asteroids that would otherwise likely destroy it. Having turned retrograde, Jupiter is here reminding us that the intent of destruction is not really waiting for asteroids to come from the great expanse, but is right here with us, in the negativity of centuries, perhaps millenia, as accumulated in our systemic structures and collective pain-body.

We have been conditioned to think of ourselves as evil sinful beings. This creates a sinful and evil world. The opportunity for inner expansion that Jupiter R and his harmonious aspects to the FM are indicating cannot be overestimated. This is a tremendous chance to tap into our joy and free it from its state of imprisonment.

However, in order to have access to this inner expansion we must be ready to face the less palatable sides of ourselves. Pluto R and Venus are in opposition and this provides us with an opportunity to explore the underworld of our darkest desires. Many a time, through this exploration, we will discover very surprising truths about ourselves, in the same way that the smell of newly fertilized fields is judged as “foul”, but is actually a source of organic growth. Self-acceptance through honesty is a matter of breaking the spell of the image, and understanding that more often than not our attraction to dark things is a misdirected search for a primordial intimacy that has been forced into hiding by systemic manipulation.

Reversing Reason

This Full Moon highlights how the “collective” has become an apology for individualism, how those systemic structures that are supposed to create harmony in our societies are only serving an ego-centric and nihilistic intent, dividing people, creating conflict, shrinking our living-space. The more we rely on these egoic structures, the deeper we sink into the illusion of security, and the deeper we sink into this illusion, the more fears we create. There is no better way to create psychological fear than to protect yourself from 'possible' dangers. To fail to challenge our fears and rely on systemic routines is the negative side of a Moon in Capricorn / Sun in Cancer.

However, this same lunation puts us in a position to see that, fundamentally, there is no separation between our (true) individual identity and our harmony with the collective. They function as one and the same flow. The challenge is to tap into that flow and align ourselves to it. You can only be of true service to the evolution and renewal of reality, and to your fellow beings, through following the path that provides you with heart.

To ground your security firmly in your inner guide is the positive side of Moon in Capricorn / Sun in Cancer.

In another video, astrologer Sarah Vrba points out (I paraphrase) that this full Moon is about dissolving the dichotomy between being free-spirited and creative on the one hand, and being reliable and having a solid tonal on the other. It is about the integration of male and female, the skill that allows us to live freely in a world built to enslave us, to grow into our joy in a system that wants us to live in fear and isolation.

We have been convinced that slavery to systems is necessary, that it is the way we create value and worthiness. This is a lie that is being challenged by this full moon. We are not made worthy to occupy a place on this Earth through our suffering, but gain access to our place in the cosmos through how truly we can connect to our bliss, how totally (and here Capricorn's power of total commitment comes to our aid) we can become it.


This full Moon's message as I feel it is the following:

The highest contribution that you can make to society and the world is to follow what makes you joyful. There is no conflict between what is harmonious with your being and what will provide harmony and well-being to the world around you. There cannot be, it is an impossibility.



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