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Full Moon in the axis Capricorn / Cancer, 13th July 2022, 20.37 CET, Banska Stiavnica, Slovakia

Updated: Jul 28, 2022

As Mars and the N.Node in Taurus move in on Uranus from different sides, coming into a triple conjunction around the next new Moon, we can see that the situation that is brewing up is not a very comfortable one. While we must avoid to be negative in our outlook, we are now called to be fiercely realistic. Change is happening, and more is coming. And there is a price to pay for it. Considering that this placement in Taurus echoes the eclipse season of a few months ago, and that Venus (who rules Taurus) is in a square aspect to the tricky and foggy Neptune, a big part of this price is the act of letting go of the veil of illusion. Through this veil reality comes to us only in terms of how we think it should be or what we wish is happening – and we forget to turn our sights towards the ACTUAL.

We need to accept to navigate some pretty unstable and surprising times. We therefore need to make sure that the map we are consulting as we do so sufficiently corresponds to the state of the fact.

Pluto's shadow is very real and it is about to shake us to our very core. On a planetary level the USA is facing a Pluto return, meaning that the lord of death has returned to the exact place it was when the Declaration of Independence was signed, giving birth to the USA as a political entity. This event is one of the challenges Earth and all its inhabitants are facing, and which will have a real bearing on our place in the Galaxy. This transit will be exact during this FM. We keep our eyes and ears open, and our perception tuned. The more we see the less prone we are to trip over the traps of fear. The power of illusion is a valuable tool for those who seek to control others. We can learn to see through the deceit.

So it comes as no news that this lunation is going to be an intense one, especially since practically all planetary activity is happening in the lower half of the chart, suggesting much action on our unconscious, individual and collective. The full Moon itself is heavily aspected, holding the clues as to how to deal with this intricate time.

The challenge of this lunation, once again, is given to us in the T-Square Chiron forms with the full Moon. This strong placement of the wounded healer in Aries is reinforced by his feminine counterpart, Chariklo, in her square aspect to Mars. So it is likely that we are going to experience intense nervous energy without a clear understanding of where it is coming from and why it is there. This is a very complex full Moon and we therefore do well to respect the fact that we might not be 'on top of it' all the time. It's time to let go of some control and trust the forces guiding our lives.

The T-Square's 'missing' leg falls in Libra, which recalls the full Moon of June (a month ago exactly). This challenge of deep healing wants to be resolved in an outward movement, that is, from the instinctual individualism of Aries to an attentive seeing of the 'Other'. A creative act characterised by balance and harmony. Also, it is a movement from the hidden into the seen.

The Sun in perfect conjunction to the Descendant is a very clear indication that being-in-relation is on the menu. This relating can take different forms, but it will always challenge the limited parameters of our individual prisons. Mercury acting as scout planet invites us to communicate clearly and to open our minds to the messages of the Universe.

The position of the Sun in fact makes this chart neither a day chart nor a night chart. This indicates that the “crack between the worlds” is wide open, and that we have a unique opportunity to enter into a new world, a new perception. But in order to direct our precious energies away from the bottomless pit of illusion and addiction (Venus square Neptune), we must accept the uncomfortable guidance of Saturn, who happens to be in harmonious aspect to the goddess of all that is materially and emotionally pleasing. This makes it easier to accept the less palatable facts of our present passage. There is a beauty in the discipline of seeing what is. It is the beauty of truth as opposed to the cheap sweetness of sugar-coated reality.

Saturn is the key. If we listen (Mercury) we will be putting ourselves in a position to unlock the higher frequencies of Neptune, who is also in a harmonious aspect to the full Moon (good news!!). We can thus engage our creative will, moving beyond the strict limits of our everyday perception.

This full Moon is a time that is particularly suited to entering higher realms in dreaming, a time to escape the tiring poverty of the materialist's world in flights and dives of creative imagination.


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