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Full Moon in the axis Pisces / Virgo, 7th March 2023, 13.40 CET, Malta

Here will be presented the themes that this writer sees in this chart. Reading this article through might be of help to some, but it is an exercise best carried out with reference to one's birth chart (finding a common ground between BC and FM chart) and awareness of one's feelings and states of mind. Navigating the world of the spirit is not a matter of skimming through a couple of articles on astrology. It takes work and dedication, not with too much seriousness, but with enough to make a difference. If the reader feels there's too much information feel free to follow your intuition and choose one or more parts that work for you. This article will present 4 basic themes: listening to our emotions, inhabiting fully the physical body with our awareness, healing deep wounds, and balancing the seeming oppositions of the Virgo / Pisces axis.

Listen to the Emotions and Respond to the Actual

There is a deeply wise innocence in this axis, known as the axis of service. During these two weeks our emotions will be the message, but deciphering it might not be a straightforward venture. It is a 'mutable' T-Square after all. So don't expect the stability of the fixed signs, but do open yourself to change. At this time we might want to humbly put the question “How can I serve?” and wait for the answer. It will come in its own time. It is enough to be there when the emotions speak.

Somehow as the tie-break between Uranus and Saturn comes to an end, things that have been hanging seem to be simply happening. There are no major retrograde planets and this seems to promote a fresh clarity. If something happens that seems strangely liberating – for example, your internet provider cannot fix the faulty line and you are 'stuck' without internet for a month – you could take it as an indication to stay that way by choice for a while and see what happens.

Deep healing... continued

Aries is hosting a singular party; the stellium comprised of Vesta, Chiron and Jupiter. Joining, yet a little detached, is Venus. There is the potential for a renewed desire to grow in our awareness, to deepen knowledge, and above all to heal from trauma. How has my sacred core been split? Why do I walk in different directions simultaneously? Why is there conflict within my mind?

Following from the previous new Moon we find Nessus very strongly placed in the chart. In fact the centaur, representing infant/childhood trauma, is in a tight conjunction to the Sun. The Sun's reach brings into this relationship both Neptune and Mercury. There is no doubt that this configuration points to a surfacing of trauma suffered very early in life, even in utero, and/or carried down through genetics. This is very deep and frequently dark stuff, mostly coming in coded form in dreams. We can also find important clues through close awareness of addictions and strange and sticky patterns in our lives. The case can be made that there are elements of initiation built into the 'system' that are designed to purposely traumatise the child; so this is not only about trauma caused by dysfunctional parents, families and societies, but also about the immediate regimen of manipulation and conditioning the new being is subjected to from the moment of conception.

The square of the Sun and Nessus with Mars indicates that to actively involve oneself in research and learning might act as a good trigger to revelations of this sort, which are as uncomfortable as they are necessary. One, in fact, has to be careful not to go too deep too fast if the unconscious starts responding. On the other hand the energy for this kind of dive is available, so better use it.

Inhabit the Physical Body Fully

Bringing these two seemingly opposing energies into complimentary harmony is a path to integration of the spiritual and the physical, the infinite and the mundane. It is time to ground ourselves in the physical body, thus experiencing the magic of the infinite present. From this vantage point we can observe the spectacle of madness that surrounds us, as well as the simple beauties of everyday life, with freshness and clear perspective. As the flyers make their weight felt our silence will counter it with lightness. We see the program, and that seeing is freedom.

A consistency coming from the Moon in Virgo is available to us. This comes from a grounding in the physical body. Discipline might emerge without the huge effort we usually associate with the process of achieving it. After all, discipline is not about control but about learning. Virgo, the humble Mercurian, brings this energy into the chart. With an ascendant Cancer this chart also tells us that there is a pull towards comfort and self-nurturing. This is not to be overlooked, as we need to be humble and respect our fragility, even as we nurture our power and potential.


Urgency -o- Patience: In Virgo / Pisces, the axis of service, there is an urge to find a balance and a complementarity between Virgo's demands of order, structure and concreteness, and the dreamy, dissolute and approximate inclinations of Pisces. These tendencies are not only in opposition, but are also under the influence of a loose T-Square headed by Mars in Gemini. This brings a certain impatience, or perhaps in the best of cases an urgency... one which in any case is not easy or straightforward to resolve. This points to a time of tensions, especially those regarding how to act, in what direction, and why. It is ok to lower one's expectations (the castles in the sky) until a clear picture emerges in a near future. The practical spirit of Virgo is here. In the meantime we do what we can with dedication and resolve, put some energy into our physical health, and enjoy the floating feeling and loss of control that Pisces can bring for those periods in which the the tension subsides.

Self-Reliance -o- Trust: Virgo is sincere in its desire to serve. But it can be self-punishing and too demanding on itself. This can work against its goals, giving it a picture of the world that “doesn't cooperate”. Everything can become a struggle. Pisces has no boundaries. It simply serves, and the cooperation of the world is less of an issue. This highly spiritual sign can be a catalyst for healing with a single word or glance, and yet it can put itself in vulnerable positions and prove unreliable. The reader can intuit how a balance of these two signs on this axis of service brings about a very healthy attitude.

Focus -o- Distraction: According to one's situation in these intense times some of us might be too focused on a single goal, and others might be a bit all over the place. These are difficult times and all of this is understandable. This full Moon brings the challenge of balancing. Over-focus on a single goal is usually detectable through repeated concerns and high levels of reactivity to related stimuli. In this case it might be a good idea to distract oneself and play with other things for the time being. If your car is stuck in the mud, sinking your foot into the gas pedal might not always be the best of ideas. If, on the other hand, you can observe yourself being like a leaf in the wind, then you must see if this is some kind of escape, and from what. You might want to look into how much energy this distraction is costing you. Counter the dis-traction by finding a way to gain traction on one goal.


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