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Full Moon in the axis Pisces / Virgo, 10th September, 11.59 CET, Malta.

Mercury is turning retrograde during this full Moon, and is to be found in house 2 in Libra. So we

are dealing with an action of communication and intuition. And whatever it is that we are drawn or compelled to undertake it will surely involve an opportunity for an inward evolution. With a

harmonious trine to Mars and an opposition to Jupiter in Aries there is a gigantic drive behind this need to act inwardly, going into a transformation through the body.

There is a triangle formed by Sun, Pluto, and Uranus. While it is too loose to be considered a grand trine, it does show a very powerful combination of forces geared toward significant and concrete change. It is a triangle connecting the three Earth signs, which points us to the physical body. Depending on one's birth chart interactions with these planets there will be more or less a great deal to face and accomplish during this full Moon and the days following it. One would be wise to be very aware of zones of presence in the body, a tingling, a hurt, a numbing etc.

A little less bright is the news about Mars forming a square with the Sun and the Moon. There is a big possibility that we will all experience a sense of deep unexplained irritability as we navigate the paths of this lunation. This will be the reaction of the pain-body to the challenges that will inevitably be brought to it. Weakening of the pain-body through awareness and concrete decisions is on the menu.

To add to this Neptune, centaur Nessus, and asteroid Juno, all in retrograde, are flanking the Moon from both sides. This makes this lunation a very deep and fertile one, albeit perhaps foggy and confusing. In fact what all these retrograde planets and their positions are telling us is that it is an opportune moment to drop the rational mind and its urge to harness reality. It might become a very difficult passage if this surrender is not taken seriously. And it promises to be very fruitful, even life-changing, if the high frequency energy of Pisces finds a clear link to the spirit within us. The energy needs to go down, from the mind to the heart. And in order for this to happen one has to inhabit the physical body fully.

So finding time for being in oneself is a pretty good idea, even if during this full Moon there will

probably be many things to do and accomplish. It's a time to focus and make use of the healthy seriousness and precision of Virgo as we navigate and wander the uncharted lands with a “what

the?” expression on our faces. Essentially however this is a full Moon of great joy, that kind of joy

you cannot explain. And that is the point. There is no need to seek understanding. Feel, and

understanding will come of itself.

I will keep this text slightly shorter than usual, as a tribute to the importance of avoiding analysis during this time.

Goodbye and enjoy your souls, dive in your dreams and trust your power!


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