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Hunting the Power!

As this very promising month of November offers us the opportunity to open many portals, on the 19th Nov, I decided to hunt the power. Following the teachings of don Juan and my will to move the assemblage point, I went to a special place of power called Theopolis, in the French

This journey to perception was a discovery of a world in real motion and its echo on consciousness. When I arrived just before noon to the chapel built by the Templars, there

was a panel indicating that there was a risk of a rockslide so the access was closed. No way for me to escape from living an adventure. I went back to the village (Saint Geniez), a hide of 6kms. After I drove to the point of convergence, a place where the Earth opens up the South. Castaneda often mentions in his books that the power rushes South.

To give you an idea here is the view:

One can clearly see an opening throughout the chain of mountains, like a channel coming from the south.

This was magnificent but not sufficient. I drove to another village called Authon, ruled in the past by the Templars and the Hospitallers. After parking my car, I followed a hiking track and walked for 45 min towards the mountain. I saw a face on the peak...

Seeing something unusual means perception. The perception is personal and related to a message from the Nagual. This was my warrior face that I saw engraved of the rock...

Then after having sweat for a while I went down and had a deserved pack of sandwiches. I stopped in a very sweet place near a river. The move and the noise of the water inspired me a lot. I suddenly realized that we have to move forward, that we have to use the Castaneda teachings and to transform them in the reality of the moment. I realized that the rule of the Nagual has changed and that we have to adapt ourselves to a new Intent.

The messages that were delivered on that particular day are the following:

* The male warrior is able to handle the 4 directions, one by one, is now able to handle 2 directions at the same time: SE-SW-NE-NW. This new skill might boost his characteristic (ref: The Eagle’s Gift)

* The female warrior is able to deal with only one direction, can also deal with the opposite direction. This new skill might boost her characteristic.

* The new set of directions might be linked to the chakras (or a part of the birth chart), depending on sensitivity and perception of the energy.

* The end of Pluto cycle has modified our mind and body structures, depending on where is located the Capricorn(angle house, nadir...).

* Our awaken body aligns itself with the emanations of the Earth.

Reminder (extract from the Fire from within):

.... the earth is a sensitive being and can, as such, give the warriors an extraordinary boost; it is an impulse that comes from the consciousness of the earth, when the emanations of the warriors inner cocoon line up with the interior emanations in the cocoon of the earth appropriate to them. The earth and the man, as sentient beings, their emanations coincide, or, more accurately, the earth contains all the emanations present in man and all the emanations present in all sensible beings, organic as well as non-organic.

Searching for a new alignment:

Following the direction of the mountain (North-East), I had the sensation that the Indigo (North ) and Solar plexus (East) were interacting. Every warrior can make his/her own investigation while working on the chakras or on the colours.

Are you ready to go with the flow?

Which means dropping the monkey mind (reason), not trusting the system, forgetting your personal story, improving yourself, walking to happiness.... Seeing and erasing the resistances built by the conditionings.

Let’s remember that the system is individualistic, ego centred and cultivating self importance.

Every move of the assemblage point is a challenge in itself, being aware of it is already having the intent to move the AP.

Are you ready to go with the flow?

As you can see, nature is ready!

The energy of the New world is interactive.



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