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IMBOLC: the point between Samhain & Beltane

February 1st marks the first important Celtic festival of the year: Imbolc. Halfway between Samhain (1st November) and Beltaine (1st May), this date indicates the inversion of the natural cycle, which passes from the descent to the rise of the sun.

The cold of February purifies nature (February comes from the Latin Februar which means “purify”) but already life is reborn in the countryside. Nests are built and lambs are born.

In Celtic times, the Druids celebrate the «Mother Goddess». It is the feast of fertility, lunar and feminine. Then, the Christian religion will attribute February 2 to the purification of the Virgin and the presentation of Jesus in the temple of Jerusalem.

Imbolc is also Bride’s Day in ancient Ireland. Later it becomes Brigit’s Day (Brigid or Bright or Bride etc...). This goddess is the daughter of Dagda, the god who sits at the top of the Celtic pantheon. She is a great protector of the people. She is recognized as a triple goddess: first of all by poets for her own poems of great value, inseparable in her of divination and oracles. She is also the goddess of forging and medicine. Rivers bear his name and his three totem animals, two oxen and the king of wild boars have given theirs to plains in different counties. These animals cried out if Ireland was threatened, making Brigit the true protective goddess of this country.

Time to celebrate new beginnings!

Located between past and future, the impulse given by this Imbolc has a double strategy:

- gathering our sparkles of awareness since Samhain...messages, signs,

synchronicity, coincidences, decisions, our SEE.

- making our projects/dreams a reality.

The road of the past crosses the road of the future. Time to experience the move of the assemblage point.


- Breaking the routines (Journey to Ixtlan)
- Meditation
- Observation of clouds, leaves...
- Over effort/sport
- Listening to special music (deep frequencies, drums, didgeridoo...)
- Artistic expression

Long is the list. One can easily find a very useful tool to stop the world and getting an access to a new set of perceptions.

the stone turtle-plateau de Ganagobie-FR


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