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Inner silence, Perception & Place of Power

Updated: May 13

Just a few words to remind you, fellow warriors, that practising the concepts of Castaneda is as important than understand them. Sorcerers are very practical and like to have fun with what they are doing.

On the 8th May 23, I decided to hunt the power and went back to a place called the Dromon chapel in the French Alps. As a good Virgo, I took the kick of Mercury Retrograde, motivated to leave the first attention for a while and to get in the second attention to have perceptions. How lucky I was. There was a guided visit of the chapel and the crypt. This synchronicity was enjoyable, as I had to walk 2.5 kms from the village of saint Geniez to the chapel in the hills.

Basically it was a feedback of my journey to Theopolis from December 2022:

Last time, the crypt was not accessible. That particular day it was. So I went down and discovered the so called stone of fertility and many symbols associated like these ones:

A head of a bull (left), a head of a ram (right), balls (genitals) - all symbolizing fertility. I saw a strange parallel between the astrological sign of Aries (ruled by Mars) and the sign of Taurus(ruled by Venus). But this surprising discovery was just the beginning of another journey towards another dimension. I walked back another 2.5kms back to the village and drove to Authon, make a stop in a place that one should call: the frontier between the worlds. Obviously, this name came early in the morning when I stop near the poster of a dance performance called....the frontier between the worlds. But to cross the frontier I needed a sign, what don Juan or don Genaro used to call “a manifestation of the spirit”. There it is:

So with such a messenger, I knew that I could jump the move from the First attention to the second attention. There’s a lot of mythology and folklore surrounding the horse. Odin, the Norse god, had an eight-legged horse named Sleipnir.

After this stop and motivation to access an inner silence, I parked my car in Authon, ready for another hour of climbing. Feeling a bit tired, I stopped and ate my sandwich. This deserved rest lead me to a short meditation, followed by an exercise of moving my eyes from left to right, and up and down. A few minutes later, contemplating a big rock on the opposite mountain... I saw the face of a warrior looking at me. I was of course very happy to get this perception, as the following patterns were put in motion:

- gait of power

- inner silence

- contemplation

- perception

The most interesting in this shamanic approach is the sensation of the move of the assemblage point.

A place of power, what is it?

Places of power are geographic zones, sometimes large, sometimes small, which possess energy fields that are of significance for people.

According to Juan Matus, places of power are subdivided into positive and negative ones. To the first category He assigned the places which give their energy to people, to the second — the places which take energy. However, the former are not necessarily favourable and the latter unfavourable. For example, there are places of power that “drain” energy, and this can be used for purging the organism of coarse, pathogenic energies, that is for healing. And vice versa, some places of power possessing excessive energy are detrimental rather than beneficial if their energy is coarse or contains undesirable informational characteristics, inducing, for example,

anxiety, depression and so on.

Places of power exist everywhere. One can come across them in towns, in woods, in lakes, in mountains...

The most challenging for a warrior is to feel the energy of the place, access the second attention and have a perception or a message delivered by the place of power.

One good advice: changing the direction of viewing.

As we have routines, our eyes have also their own, gripping to a fixed reality (first attention).

When we change our way to see the usual world..we can see another one (second attention).

So let’s go for it!


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