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Is there a great awakening in the air?

Mercury in retrograde motion from 9th Sept till 2nd Oct 2022

(& numerology report).

Unlike other planets, Mercury is not considered feminine or masculine, benefic or malefic, diurnal or nocturnal. Instead, Mercury shapeshifts in relationship to the planets with whom he is in closest contact. Mercury is the ruler of both Gemini and Virgo and is said to be exalted (or strongest) in Virgo. When talking about Mercury R, one can talk about re-starting, re-considering, re-evaluating, re-launching, re-studying.... Everything about RE.....

Mercury involves how we perceive, interpret, and communicate information, yet the quality of its symbolic meaning varies depending on its path in the heavens above. Instead of moving fast and direct like usual, Mercury shifts into a slower speed and backwards motion through the zodiac when retrograde. The departure Mercury takes from its normal course when retrograde corresponds with a heightened ability to guide us away from our usual patterns, enabling the discovery of new avenues of inquiry and perception. Mercury also comes closest to earth in orbit when retrograde, intensifying its impact in daily matters.

Some of the influences of Mercury in retrograde will catch us all the same way. In Libra, a lot of the disruption will be intellectual, with disruptive thoughts, technology failure, and inability to get the point across in conversation will be some of the issues experienced by all. Hearing from people we’ve left behind is also an acute Mercury retrograde phenomenon.

The subtle conjunction:

On the 23rd September, Mercury will be conjunct to the sun, also acting as a scout planet.

This perfect conjunction indicates a kind of focal point, cutting the retrogradation between the Venusian sign of Libra and the very Mercurian sign of Virgo. This will be a very important sparkle of awareness, a turning point in the last 2 weeks of self observation. Subtle messages might arise, coming from relationships. A creative mood should lead to a change of plan or improvement of an artistic project.

Back to Virgo!

Mercury is the natural ruler of Virgo, so the energy is amplified in this sign. On the 24th September, Mercury visits through Virgo again, and the difficulties will have more to do with practical matters, analysis, matters of truth or healing systems. Like a jack-hammer, Mercury will dig a new track at home. The possibilities of discovering old secrets, old documents, old lies or a precious ancient knowledge should be in the plan of the communication master.

On a larger scale, the conspiracy lead by the so called new world order should be upset by an avalanche of revelations. The real information, hidden for a long time by the media (working for the financials) from the public...might reach a breaking point. Mercury R has so many tricks... so, let’s wait and see!

The retrograde ends opposite Neptune in Pisces..shall we still believe in our dreams?

The numbers are also on the move!

* Beginning of retrogradation = 09.09. 2022

99 = double 9 (9x11) master number.

9 + 6 ( = 15 = 6)

* Back to Virgo = 24.09 2022


6 + 6 ( = 12 = 3)

* Back to direct motion = 02.10 2022


3 + 6 = 9

We are still facing the axis 3 Communication- 6 Harmony- 9 Universal.

The energy of the number 9 represents completion, but not finality. Think of it more in a cyclical sense; it's about the ending of one cycle and the potential it creates for another cycle to begin. This number is a humanitarian at heart. It is compassionate, kind, and intent on putting its efforts toward creating the greatest good.


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