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Updated: Jul 10, 2021

Following my article titled "the Great reset" where I wrote about my laptop being assaulted on the 22 March 2021. Today it's the second episode of the micro-soft malediction.

On the 3rd July, I don't know why but I decided to remove some unuseful programs. Al Madonna same pattern. The laptop never restarted and was turning like last time. Considering this adventure as a blessing, I decided to let go and to prepare the funeral of the so called computer. Just removed the hard disk and the memory card in case I should be obliged to undergo for an autopsy.

This "As sus" died at the age of 2 years and a half, leaving me in front of my stupidity to have bought such a numb product.

So I took back my old mate, a laptop of 7 years old, with an English keyboard and a disk reader. A prehistoric animal nowadays, regarding the improvement of the new technologies, even able to enter our kitchens if not our bathrooms.

The inspector Columbo who rises in my memory, told me to investigate (and not to invest in Gates) what is really happening on the web.

Thinking that Wind-ows10 is the spring of the flyers, the program from which they fish their precious information. I also realized that the Ip address of my old laptop was creating a mess in the system, as the beast didn't eat on the internet for 2 years and a half. When I went on Go-ogle to search on the vaccines side effects, my location appeared at the bottom of the page as usual. But the thing is that the system made a mistake and located me in another department. I was so happy to twist these motherfuckers. But the voice of the flyers found an echo in the restaurant:

- Kalen son a b...,do you think we cannot locate you...

But when I went to search on David Icke... Go-oooooogle located me in the right department but was not able to locate the city.

So guys, ask yourself why Go-OOOOgle earth or map is so useful. It's not to provide a service but to locate you and to put your info in the algorithms of the flyers.

And I am not speaking about I phones, I pads ...

So guys, try not to let them enter your life and keep your privacy private.

May the spirit of the Jedis bring you a real vision of the GAFA (Go-ooogle, Am-azon,Face-book,Ap-ple).

In Spanish the word "gafas' means glasses or spectacles.


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