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New Moon / Eclipse in Taurus, 30th April, 22.28 CET, Malta.

Updated: Jun 7, 2022

Immersion in the Body

All eclipses in 2022 will happen in the Taurus / Scorpio axis. During this time we have an opening to start off and perhaps even complete a process of renewal in areas including material security, finances, love, creativity, deep transformation, health, addictions, attachments, hidden unconscious patterns, and self-worth. The cycle was started in November 2021 and will end this November 2022. This eclipse is the first one this year.

During this very fertile eclipse two complimentary vibrations of the Feminine Energy can be experienced clearly and simultaneously.

Taurus is the sign that is most concerned with material security, the pleasures and beauties of form. Ruled by the goddess of sensuality, love and feeling, it is here 'spiritualized' by a deeply charged New Moon / Eclipse, inviting us to a journey into formlessness.

During this lunation we therefore find ourselves in between two realms, exposed to the crack between the worlds.

Pluto is turning retrograde with this new Moon. This gives a certain gravity to the passage we are facing, individually, collectively, and everywhere in between. The sweetness of this lunation, in fact, is a healthy balancing energy, and can be vital in assisting and supporting us through the process of transformation. It reminds us that even though transformation is always challenging, it can also be an exciting and exhilarating experience if approached gracefully.

There is an 'earthiness' to the mood of this eclipse expressed in the fact that much activity is happening in the the earth-signs Taurus and Capricorn. The other earth sign, Virgo, is found at the very top-most position of the chart, empty of all activity, and far from the crowded bottom half of the chart. This peaceful and wise Virgo (Earth, body) opposes the 'stellium' conjunction of Neptune, Jupiter and Venus in Pisces (Water, spirit).

We can see a very interesting and fertile interaction between the two feminine elements, Earth and Water, each bringing its own contribution by balancing, fertilizing, and enriching the other. In this interaction we further confirm the crack between the worlds.

This NM / eclipse, as it moves into the full Moon / eclipse in the deep waters of Scorpio (16th May), provides us with an opening to experience the deeper dimension of Spirit through immersion in the Body.

In trusting, listening to, and caring for our Body we are actually opening a direct line to the 'voice' of the Soul. The body and the soul are complementary and interdependent opposites. Unexpected revelations from our unconscious depths are to be expected. To be in touch with the physical body and immerse one's attention inwardly brings the silent receptivity necessary to catch the precious murmurs of our soul. Thoughts, memories, smells, sensations, attractions. All is in play.

Taurus has the negative tendency to overdo its love of nice things; clinging and resisting change. Luckily we have Eros as the scout planet. The scout planet neutralizes or reduces the impact of the egoic traps of the sign. Eros is a special expression of the creative energy of the Cosmos, inviting us to co-operate with our deepest soul-needs, and to move closer to manifest our destiny.

To totally and with abundant gratitude, accept our materiality.

To trustingly immerse ourselves in the beautiful organism that carries our awareness.

Through the body we partake in the vast cosmic intelligence that is our birthright as magical beings.

The feelings and intuitions and all the subtle ways in which the body communicates are going to be our guiding star in these strange, mysterious and tumultuous times.

The determination of Mars is on our side, but better balance this drive with a gentle and patient attitude.

To conclude; in times of doubt (and perhaps also in times of certainty) why not literally ask your soul for guidance? Do it through the direct line that your body provides.

Then listen.



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