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New Moon in Aries, April 1 st, 2022, 8.24 CET, Malta.

Updated: Mar 29, 2022

New Moon in Aries, April 1st, 2022, 8.24 CET, Malta.

This month of April opens and closes with new Moons. The second new Moon, on the 30th, will also be a partial eclipse, and it will also be followed by a total eclipse in mid-May. This makes the 28-day cycle that our present new Moon introduces a bit more important.

April 1st, this New Moon

April 30th, New Moon + Partial Eclipse

May 16th, Full Moon + Total Eclipse

The word 'April' is connected to the goddess of love and beauty, Aphrodite or Venus. It is also believed that it's rooted in the verb 'to open', which is consistent with the Italian “aprire” (to open). We can be confident that this month will provide an opening to beauty, creativity and regeneration.

Aries will provide much energy and desire to be active. It will be good, however, to also respect the sense of tiredness that April might bring, as much growth is happening naturally within us, and that takes energy and requires rest. This can nicely balance the great inner will and drive that this period brings and help us, in the end, to accomplish more with less effort.


This new Moon is aligned to the constellation Cepheus. This king is connected with the theatre, illusion, and from another side, the hidden power of words.

From one side we have the theatre of the flyers, characterised by pride, fear, and very problematic “solutions”. Psychopaths are trying to push the world into an unnatural state, and are doing so through the manipulation of perception. In an article on this site about Transhumanism, Kalen mentions Mr. More, forefront promoter for the agenda of “going beyond the limits of nature” and hacking the human body through AI.

'More' is an annagram of 'Rome', and an exact vibration to the French word “mort”, meaning 'death'. This empire persists in spite of its “dissolution”, driven by the unconscious fear of death. In fact the empire is presently at its peak, and is still characterized by the absolute focus on material power, physical force and manipulation, as another article on this site explains. Our age, subservient to Rome's intent, focused on accumulating gods, knowledge and riches to quell its fear of death, keeps forgetting to integrate and respect the bounty of life.

Respect and integration is our job, the warriors of light, healing from our fear rather than drowning in it.

The Opening: Healing and Growth

This particular position of the Moon in Aries is linked to the Tarot '3 of Wands'. There is a nice consistency between this card's vibration and the new Moon's conjunction to both Mercury and Chiron.

The Three of Wands invites us to heal from a painful karmic situation, and through this healing expand and grow into our potential. This karmic healing is consistent with Chiron's position.

Consistent with Mercury conjunct the Moon in Aries, it also invites us to trust our intuition, and therefore become more independent in our actions and thoughts. Our global systems are crumbling under the weight of millennial traumas and unconscious fears. We would be fools to avoid facing the fact that these systems have become parasites, are ruled and maintained by parasitic interests, and tend to produce more parasites.

This new Moon in Aries is providing an opening for a deeper and more confident self-reliance based on a pure communication to the Spirit. In this connection we find our true place in the world and therefore find out which actions actually give us access to our wholeness.

The number 3 reminds us of the tree, a symbol common to all shamanic cultures. Rooted in the Source, grateful for the natural heritage that sustains life, we move beyond the theatre of the flyers and open ourselves to the immense cosmic panorama of wonderful possibilities available to us.

aligz rune

a primal form of the rune 'algiz' illustrating the symbolism of the tree, rooted in the soil and opening to the immensity. Interestingly the rune evolved into a rune of protection, perhaps indicating the link between sanctuary/protection and courageous alignment with intent.


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