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New Moon in Cancer, 29th June 2022, 4.52 CET, Malta.


During the past full Moon we have been called to discover and face our illusions. In this new Moon we are invited to initiate the process of discovering who we truly are, what we really need, and the fears and shame that surround and obscure our true identity. We are called to move into what we have denied ourselves when we agreed to act out a scenario we were never consulted about, but which nonetheless we are (or feel) expected to fulfill. This is a process in which we assert our deepest secret needs even in the face of risking to be misunderstood, shamed, or even isolated.

This difficult challenge is played out astrologically by the fact that the Moon has moved into a conjunction with the Black Moon Lilith, thus becoming part of a T-Square which was already present in the chart of the previous full Moon; formed by Lilith, Pholus and Jupiter. (Red 'T' on chart). The 'missing' 4th leg of this Cardinal T-Square falls in Libra which indicates that this challenge is looking for resolution in the area of relationships and balanced communication. Assertion of our needs is to be done with respect and understanding of the needs of others. One could say, in the mood of a Moon in Cancer, that we are called to practice a mutual nurturing.

Having had the opportunity to face the Father archetype during the past full Moon, we now have the chance to fruitfully encounter the Mother archetype. These processes now meet each other, making this a very challenging passage. Saturn (retro) forms a Fixed T-Square with the lunar nodes which includes a conjunction between Uranus and the N.Node. It is important to note that the 4th leg of this T-Square (see blue cross in chart) falls in Leo quite precisely at the point in which the next new Moon happens at the end of July.

We can see that these T-Squares are acting in anticipation of the movements of the Moon, who is presently in the sign of her rulership. She is the undisputed queen of the chart. She is ushering us, step by step, into our personal and collective evolution.

Astrologically speaking, in Cancer we experience ourselves as emotional beings for the first time. In her rulership the Moon dimly remembers the state of completion of the original oneness. And when faced with life in this world the first emotion it experiences (and quickly drowns in the unconscious) is one of dreadful isolation and loneliness. We spend our lives automatically trying in every way to escape this isolation, to find replacements to mitigate our loneliness. We find many wrong ways to “return to the Source”. Most of our attempts however take us further away from our truth and eventually turn most of us into resentful and hardened shells. This new Moon gives us the opportunity to receive a somewhat liberating truth:

Before we can find our way back home we must face the world that took home away from us.

The way back home is through the mess.

This new Moon in Cancer is about our relationship to the fact of our existence... in this world torn apart by conflicts, this body full of needs, this mind burdened with thought, fellow humans who keep demanding things of us... as contrasted to the lunar memory of the bliss of pure being in which we were but a sound, a soft current flowing in an infinite stream.

The lessons of Saturn are so essential to this transition from resentment to acceptance! The discipline required to look at our attachments (how we impose the responsibility of our happiness on other persons, situations and prospects) is a Saturnian lesson. In its T-Square with the lunar nodes and Uranus, Saturn is inviting us to let reality surprise us, to find something within that we had forgotten or neglected. He is inviting us to find the courage to stand alone, to bring our soul-memory to bear upon how we live, and the compass of our soul-needs to command our direction.

We are called to put ourselves in an attitude of receptivity, to let go of the rational constructs that fill our mind, and move forward with a clean intent, free of anger and violence, but full of intensity and commitment.

As we face our deepest disappointments and insecurities, as we sift through our hidden rage at having been cast out of the garden of easy delights, we find the strength to forgive, look ahead, and claim our territory, inwardly and outwardly. Armed and equipped with a new quality of truth and a more limpid connection to the Spirit, we shall be able to give birth to ourselves and manifest our truth in honest service.


Thanks Kalen for the inspiration with the Empress

Thanks to Nina and Jura for their combined natural magic that inspired this text.

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