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New Moon in Gemini, 6th June 2024, 14.37 CET

This new Moon in Gemini invites us to let beauty into our lives, making space for it by respectfully letting go of what feels stale and unrewarding.  This is indicated by Venus' conjunction to the Sun and Moon, which also indicates the theme of both parents and how their actions have formed or deformed the balance of yin and yang within us.  This beautiful aspect invites us to be receptive to more harmonious ways of communicating with the cosmos and all its inhabitants, including those close to us.

Being very fast and curious Gemini tends to have a scattered attention.  Physical exercise, manual labour, being aware of breathing, singing, speaking with attention to the vibrations of the voice, dancing, and other actions related to the throat chakra, hands and lungs, can help to keep those inevitable mental tensions from spiralling.  Making a point with ourselves regarding our communication adds the psychological spice, focusing Gemini's vibrant curiosity onto the healthy practice of self-knowing and pattern-identification. 

What am I intending when I communicate? Is the sound of my voice thin and cerebral, or is there a relaxed and deep quality to it?  In which situation does my communication become tense?  Am I really interested in what others have to say?  These and many other questions can keep the Gemini in you occupied and useful, in balance with the receptive stillness of meditation and not-doings.

Gemini is also concerned with choice.  With Venus in the picture it becomes a matter of what we value as individuals, and how we relate to our freedom to choose and want.  Neptune in the final degrees of Pisces puts a thick fog around desire, bringing much conditioned sin-oriented guilt around a perfectly natural characteristic of being-human.  This creates the ideal context for exaggeration and indulgence, as well as frustrating deprivation (Saturn in Pisces).  To choose is part of the game of life.  In the absence of absolute clarity and law (Sagittarius) it is the next best thing, and should be defended and engaged in joyfully against the backdrop of self-knowing and sincerity with oneself.

Choices at this time, however, might be a bit confusing.  One never knows exactly what plan of action to settle upon.  And that is fine.  Practice patience and forbearance while clarifying your existing options.  The time will come when the decision will almost make itself.

The conditioned mind is trapped in a toxic loop of control and chaos.  The more control is imposed upon the natural energies of life the more chaos ensues; and the more chaos, the more the mind bent on 'net-zero' problems panics and solidifies control.  To this end the neurotic predatorial mind has created a specific form of algorithmic thought based on the idea of dividing, cutting up, limiting, atomising, preventing.  This thought-pattern invests the natural order, separating human understanding from its roots in feeling and will.  One result is that things that grow from the earth become 'produce', while art and other human creations are now 'consumed' instead of enjoyed or appreciated. 

The multiple aspects to asteroid Ceres indicate that this nightmare is about to be shaken up, perhaps making space for a new dream to arise.  The suffering and anger of having been betrayed by the functionaries of the 'system' and left out of the decision-making process regarding the most fundamental of physical needs (food and water) is represented by the square of Ceres to Chiron and Eris, which also conjunct Mars.  That the top-down structure responsible for this betrayal is about to be shaken at the roots is indicated by Ceres' sextile to Saturn in Pisces and her trine to Uranus in Taurus.  Saturn is already slowing down to turn retrograde on the last day of June, pushing us towards re-acknowledging the fundamental structures of the natural order as being rooted in the sacred, and therefore not to be messed with.

The mind that is neurotically bent on control inevitably crystallises technologies that have the same intent.  The revolution at hand is one that happens on many levels simultaneously.  Through the astrological system of rulership, Uranus, Venus, Sun, Moon, and Pluto are working together to concretely bring about an expanded consciousness, and therefore a resurrection of thought and technological advancement.  Not the thought and technology bent on control and division, but one that bows to the supremacy of awareness and the miracle of life itself.

What is required of us during these uncertain times is flexibility, tenacity, and faith.


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