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New Moon in Leo, 08 / 08 / 2021, 15.50 CET, Malta

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Mercury conjunct with the New Moon (but not too tightly) reveals the power of deep intuition, a knowledge that comes directly from the Source and a great desire to communicate and shine this wisdom on the world. But the Moon is also reminding us to balance our desire to shine forth our self and ideas – deep, truthful and beautiful as they might be – with a true attention to the Other. In other words to truly be able to Listen. Creativity is thus returned to its interactive origin, as the bringing together of that which has been forcibly separated.

The Earth is moving away from the “reptilian” age. The new energy that is coming during this lion's gate portal (8/8) and the wider portal of lunations and eclipses that culminate this December is not a vampiric energy but a benign one. Humankind and the Earth are receiving help.

The Dark Side has made its move. There is enough spiritual evidence today to understand how in Castaneda's words – when referring to the take-over of humanity by vampiric entities he calls flyers – “they have given us their mind”. At this crucible of world history we are experiencing what is increasingly looking and confirming itself as a new stage of human enslavement to these cosmic entities that have been grooming humans for thousands of years.

We are seeing, unfold before our very eyes, the aggressive and unprecedented domination of the

species (not, this time a specific group, like the holocaust, or the Kurdish genocide, for example). This looks like the “checkmate move”. We now face the Dragon squarely, and the Matrix reveals its true nature. The source of manipulation is not above us or around us, it is within us. The Matrix is not a Prison (this is an image-trap), it is a Command (that imprisons internally, and manifests externally). It is hidden so we obey it unconsciously. To the extent that we become aware of it we can interfere and re-generate reality.

During this New Moon in Leo a great amount of light energy is being poured on humankind. It is a three-fold energy, according to 3 (8+8+20+21 = 21 = 3) sensitive female astrologers (find references below) and confirmed by signs and sensations.

1. The first facet of this energy is one of forgiveness through understanding (3rd eye).

There is a strand of esoteric history that follows the foundation of known history back into an origin characterized by heinous acts of sacrifice demanded by a cosmic predator-race (the flipping of the polarity from light to dark, Sun to Black Sun, the Available to the Hidden).

Humankind has stopped being kind because it is not allowed to be. It carries too much guilt, too much fear, too much trauma in the collective unconscious. But this propensity for evil constitutes, from another side, the uniquely human opportunity from Freedom. It's time to dig up the trash and burn it in Leo's fire. Humankind's evolution (which is a jump in consciousness) depends on shedding its self-hatred. Instead of sacrificing innocence and joy we can now sacrifice the things that block them. Things will be revealed.

2. The second facet of this energy is the one relating to the Heart Chakra (Courage and Love).

Humankind is being given a new sensitivity. This Leo energy and the portal of 2021 lunations and eclipses are activating a shift in human DNA. From Do Not Act, we go to Dream, Navigate, Ascend. The Dark Side is in fact attempting to reverse-charge this shift through a so-called vaccine.

However the proper polarity of this shift in DNA is one that is taking us away from the imperative to “compete to survive” into a new dimension of “expand through kindness”, from the artificial imposition of a mysterious state of scarcity that has plagued the world for aeons into an explosion of lasting abundance, and away from a state of perpetual imbalance and conflict into a real harmony on a global level. It is a definite step in the fulfilment of the Earth's mission, namely to bring a Love based on Freedom into the cosmos.

3. The third facet of this energy is the one of the lower chakras, starting from pure solar-plexus fire. This is a more personal level, connected with personal power and action. Sensitive astrologers are clear and unanimous about the rain of fresh energy that is hitting humanity.

The Solar Plexus energy is directly related to our Sun. The Sun and Moon in a unity of polarities bring us back to the Origin. And the Origin is by definition a Birthing. This Lion's Gate, with its obvious karmic undertones, brings us a very precious opening for cleansing, a rare opportunity to experience Oneness, Wholeness, our true potential as Essence, by pulling back into our selves those strands of energy that are stuck somewhere else in the abyss of time, past, future. That Past we never faced, never forgave, the Future we failed to manifest, the Future that terrifies us.

Pulling back our stray energies, identical with the practice of Recapitulation, is the retrieving of an original oneness, in concrete daily life. We are then able to act creatively, outside of the field of the Command. These 28 days are a time for us to listen to our intuition, move into manifesting concretely ideas that well up from our inner awareness, even if they are surprising and do not conform to the playbook.

The first question to ask our Essence is “How am I to serve?”

Then we can rise to “How are We to serve?”


The Murder of Reality by Pierre Sabak

Secret of the Plumed Serpent by Armando Torres

Secrets of the Matrix ( by David Icke

Just Do It by Nike (thanks Nina)

The teachings of Rudolf Steiner

May the death of the ego free us to be truly generous,


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