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New Moon in Leo, 28th July 2022, 17:55 CET, Banska Stiavnica, Slovakia

Updated: Jul 28, 2022

This is the new Moon in which we let go of our need for control and allow the inner child to awaken and flower. We can now take the chance to experience ourselves, our action, and everything else that life puts before us in a full and complete way. Like a child, who is the king of a world he doesn't know, we can 'own' the world not by mentally trying to control what's coming next, but by meeting the unexpected with the joy of a promise; as an opening, an opportunity for completeness.

If it's not yours you cannot lose it; so there's no fear.

So, whatever it is that is going to fall apart – and something surely is with Uranus square Mercury! – (red line), know in your heart that this is not a time for a funeral but a baby-shower. Something new is coming, and the really good news is that you actually have a say about what it will look like. Our security will most likely be shaken (Uranus, Mars and N.Node crowding up in Taurus + the echoes of the eclipse season!). But Jupiter in a harmonious trine with Mercury (green) assures us that this is only happening to make room for a more fulfilled version of ourselves and our life-situation.

Dare to dream, wake up, and do. During this time you probably can.

Pluto is playing a big part in this chart, starting with his opposition to the NM and finishing with his sextile to Neptune (orange). All change that is happening in our individual life is also serving a deeper, inter-generational purpose. This is the case of really emphasizing the not so well-known fact that in following our dreams we are not merely accomplishing our goals, but also contributing to the harmonious manifestation of reality in its totality. As we surrender to the Plutonian process we actively and positively participate in the evolution of everything. This is how important we are.

In fact there is a soft T-Square (blue) in this chart, and as always it represents a challenge. This one is formed by the opposition Mercury / Saturn squaring the Uranus / Mars / N.Node conjunction. This suggests a possible negativity in the way we will be tempted to approach the abrupt or surprising changes that are bound to happen. The discipline of deep research (inward and outward) can definitely help in offsetting the anxiety caused by feeling lost. Also, considering Saturn's place in its own Aquarius, it is quite the right time to find a spark/idea to restructure your life.

Mainly, and on a deeper level, however, it is the fulfilment of the T-Square in Scorpio that will do the job. Basically it is a matter of accepting the mystery, of surrendering to the transformation, even actively participating in it with the rare confidence this lunation provides... and somehow, difficult as it sounds, trusting the role of the devil (Pluto).

If this acceptance is put in motion there seems to be nothing stopping the enormous potential that this new Moon is offering from becoming our own. We can actually make a significant change in our lives, a new departure (THE SECRET OF THE LOST GOOSE - a tale of power).

The square Jupiter / Pholus (pink) suggests that during the we'd better pay attention to Jupiter's (and Leo's) tendency for being self-centered and insensitive to others. Jupiter's passage through Aries confirms this. To move from raw selfish desire to an expression of the Soul's plan (even if sometimes this looks like selfishness to the people around you), is to activate the higher vibrations of the regal Leo – the opening / activation of the Heart.

Let Courage and Love be our bounty, and let the sense of Adventure and Discovery be our guide.


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