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New Moon in Pisces, 20th February 2023, 9.05am CET, Ukmerge, Lithuania.

Every new Moon is by nature a time for new beginnings. In it we visit the deep unknown and wait for it to manifest, we meet with the mysterious forces that guide our lives in the secret chambers of our soul, and emerge ever closer to alignment with our destiny. This new Moon seems to have a nice extra dose of this mood to find a new beginning. The Sun and Moon have just stepped into the welcoming hall of Neptune's kingdom, Pisces. He is there to welcome these complimetary opposites as they bring together their polarities into perfect unison. The new Moon is likely to provide us with a deep sense of inner unity, a non-rational clarity. So at this time it is useful to sit in the blind spot, and be sensitive to what wants to emerge. As the Sun and Moon enter Pisces, so is Venus leaving this sign and entering Aries. Pluto and Saturn are well on their way for their own exit and ingress, Pluto from Capricorn to Aquarius and Saturn from Aquarius to Pisces. Saturn is conjunct to the new Moon, leading us to face our illusions and find a more grounded spirituality.

Venus leaving Pisces and entering Aries

This marks a beginning, a putting in motion of something related to love, money, creativity, according to the lessons and feelings formed during the last cycle of Venus. The goddess has an 8-year cycle, so it might be interesting to see what was happening in our creative life, love-life and finances in 2015.

While the ingress into Aries heralds the beginning of fiery action, it is certainly good to connect to the deep receptivity of Venus in Pisces and hold the Yin as we move into the Yang. Receptivity is a disposition, a state of being in which we rarely have to say “but...” It is a state of trust in the forces that guide our lives and the subtle impulses of our inner sense. If the attitude of receptivity is compromised, then the Sun may shine and the Wind might whisper, but we would not be there to receive their gifts. So let's keep our hearts open and our lyres tuned.

The theme of going from Water (Pisces) to Fire (Aries) is woven into this chart in more than one way. This is why this Venus ingress is quite important. As this move happens, and as we integrate its energies in our actions, we are activating a pretty interesting sextile of Venus to Pluto (who is also close to a move of his own). Venus is also the ruler of Taurus, in which Uranus is doing his job of breaking stuff up and making space for new things. All this tells us that there is significant access to power in creative action, and in acting consistently in matters of love and money. The challenge is to revolutionise our communication through updating our ideas and listening out for spontaneous creative sparks.

Mercury in sextile to Jupiter in Aries brings luck to new ideas and honest communication.

Nessus square Mars + Mars trine Mercury

Centaur asteroid Nessus represents our hidden attraction to the dark side, our desire for power over others, and those actions that we have experienced as abusive and deeply traumatic, particularly when our defenses were down or inexistent. Its particular position in Pisces and the square aspect it forms with Mars in Gemini suggests that the lid of the garbage bin will be opening, resulting in strange thoughts and dreams. With Mars' trine to Mercury we can be quite confident that our thoughts are providing us with clues as to where our preference for submission, conformity and unexplained anger might be rooted. Nessus represents very deeply ingrained toxic patterns, and in this position seems to point religious, cultic garbage that our soul has been abused with. Saturn's conjunction to the new Moon tells us that there might be a karmic element in all this. It is time to become slowly aware of the illusory nature of our belief systems, break free of the grip of giants, whether these are big companies, popes, or parents.

Directions and Openings

The weight of the chart is obviously on the eastern half. There is major activity in the south-eastern quarter, most of which is taken by one house! In the house system we prefer to use on this site this huge house, spanning more than two signs, would be house 1. In the traditional system it would be house 12. Of course this makes a very significant difference... but in this case we can allow ourselves to play around with the system a little bit more than usual because it is the chart that suggests it: house 1 is the house corresponding to Aries and house 12 carries the characteristics of Pisces. And, as you can see, these are the signs this house spans.

House 1 is related to the personality of the individual as it moves from the ascendant. House 12 on the other hand moves into the ascendant and represents the formless before it crystallises in form. House 12 corresponds to the egoless innocence of pure spirit, while house 1 represents the ego's march for survival in a hostile world. During this new Moon we get special access to the foggy ecstasy of Pisces. But we also have to come down from the mountain, bringing the treasures of innocence into a mad mad world.

To be in contact with the natural world, with our deep inner nature, and oxygenate our bodies through joyful breathing and movement might be a good idea to start with.


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