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Numerology report February 2024: Welcoming the year of the Dragon

Updated: Jan 31

This month of February follows the symbolic of number 2 (2nd month of the year) 2 symbolizes partnership, union, cooperation and team spirit. 2 is the number of balance, but also the number of conflict and opposition. Taurus is the second astrological sign in the Zodiac. (April 21 to May 20)

Let’s look at the portals with the masters numbers : including 11th and 22nd Feb)

*02.02= 22

*20.02= 22

*09.02= 11

*10.02.2024= 1+0+0+2+2+2+0+4= 11 (new moon and Chinese NY)

06.02 2024 (2+0+2+2+4=8).

6+2 8

8 8 88

15.02 2024

15+2 8

17=8 8 88

24.02 2024

24+2 8

26=8 8 88

The Chinese NY of the Dragon!

When the Chinese New Year is ascribed to the sign of the dragon, it portends a year of

intense energy and significant change.

Lunar New Year (Chinese New Year) happens this year on Saturday, February 10,


The Chinese zodiac sign of the Dragon represents power, success, honor, and luck among the Chinese. You can see why many parents want to have children in Dragon years! Hopefully, the year of the Wood Dragon will be a creative and auspicious year of progress for everyone.

In Chinese astrology, the Dragon is the only mythical animal among the twelve zodiac signs. Associated with royalty, power and ambition, the Dragon is a symbol of success and prosperity. When combined with the Wood element, these features take on a dimension of growth, creativity and renewal.

Thinking about the head and tail of the Dragon! (Lunar Nodes)

The North Node (head of the Dragon) is the echo of the SN, the challenge we’re heading to liberate a potential/talent put in jail by our unconscious.

From 10th Feb 2024 till 12th January 2025, The South Node (tail of the Dragon) is located in Libra. The North Node (head of the Dragon) is located in Aries.

Karma cleansing is always at the menu...

Hope and symbolism!

I would like to make a parallel between our situation in the world and the film “The way of the Dragon”, in which Bruce Lee fights a capitalist company wanting to buy the restaurant of his family. If the bad boys and the American champion Chuck Norris represent the deep state...Bruce Lee represent the fighting spirit of humble people. Let’s hope that humanity should find the necessary power to kick the davos ass.

If 2024 is the year of the Dragon, everything is possible!


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