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Numerology report NM 30h May 2022: Make the void!

This sparkle of numerology starts with New Moon in Gemini. Trusting both Marseilles Tarot and Osho Zen tarot, I had the perception to handle the second one. The astrology chart analyzed by Rowen is a perfect resume of what’s happening in the sky. The Potential for Integration leads us to go beyond our usual sense: the sight...which has become a weakness used by the medias to manipulate collective awareness.


As one can see, the number 5 is in the middle of the 9 numbers. Being in the middle

symbolizes a center, and invites us to stay centered.

It represents the intersection between:

- the 2 axis 2,5,8 and 4,5,6

- the 2 diagonal lines 1,5,9 and 3,5,7

It might also indicate one of the 3 gates on our body:

- the navel chakra (Svadhistana)

- the heart chakra (Anhata)

- the 3rd eye chakra (Ajna)

Every warrior, according to his personal work, can feel where the zone

of presence will be located.

So, empty your cup...

An esteemed professor visited the Zen Master one day, to learn the art of Zen Buddhism. He welcomed the professor, and they started talking. He asked the professor to share some of his learning with him. The professor spoke about his research, his publications, and so on. He went on to talk about Zen and all that he knew about it. The Master kept on listening patiently. After a while, the Master asked if he would like some tea. The professor agreed and continued talking about Zen. The Master smiled and started pouring the tea in the cup. He kept pouring slowly till the cup was full. He didn’t stop and continued pouring the tea. The professor noticed it and

continued to watch as the cup overflowed. When he was no longer able to restrain himself, he said: “Stop can’t you see the cup is full. No more will go in.”

To this, the Master politely replied by pointing the cup, saying: “This is you. How can I teach you Zen unless you empty your cup.”

Make the void and meditate!

The terms Sunyata or Shunyata = void and emptiness are synonyms in Buddhist philosophy. They are ways of expressing the sense that all we see, feel and observe is

relative, in fact non-essential and not self-sustaining.

A meditation should be a nice exercise to eliminate all the fake news engraved in our memory. We can get rid of all the fake beliefs of the system, the lies of the medias and the hypnosis coming from the elites.

Let your thoughts go, cleanse your mind and be happy.


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