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Numerology report NM 30th April 2022 Assuming our Existence

Updated: Jun 7, 2022

This sparkle of numerology starts with a New Moon followed by a solar eclipse. This is a part of a long process of transformation from an old system of governance to a new world made of humanity.

The number 30 shows the importance of a clear communication. 3 ×10 = 30. Number 3 is at its octave and puts in lights the link of communication with the spirit.

Number 30 is also associated with the Hebrew letter Lammed, meaning :

Studies, knowledge... which is the thing that most elevates people. Thanks to learning. A person’s spiritual level rises and soars by understanding the meaning of creation.

Part 1 = 30.04.2020, the addition!

30 + 4 = 34 = 7

2022 = 6

6 + 7= 13

In the Osho Zen tarot, number 7 symbolizes Awareness:

It’s time to get rid of the curtain made of illusion, to realize that the mental cannot be intelligent but can be programmed easily. This Gate is the perfect moment to see reality and not to obey to the fake images provided by the medias. It’s the opportunity to get rid of old thoughts and fake beliefs acting like a parasite.

In the Osho Zen tarot, number 13 symbolizes Transformation:

Number 13 is also a karmic number. During a NM it invites us to a process of regeneration, metamorphosis, starting by the abandon of our old skin. All change is good as it involves awareness of the fears, specially the ones provided freely by the system (Matrix). If the old world is collapsing, we do the same and our awareness must follow the evolution of the planet Earth.

Castaneda tells us:

“A warrior fights to break the description of the world which has been injected into him,

in order to open up a space for new things. His war is against the self. For that purpose,

he tries to be permanently aware of his potential. Since the content of perception

depends on the position of the assemblage point, a warrior tries with all his might to

loosen the fixation of that point.”

Part 2 = 30.04.2020, the subtraction!

To find the challenge of a date of birth, we have to calculate differently. By going down, not only we follow another track but we validate the eclipse movement. Let’s have a look at the challenge of the NM:

April 30 2022

4 3 6

1 3


In the Osho Zen tarot, number 2 is.....the Inner voice.

The inner voice doesn’t use words, It talks a language without speaking, the language of the heart.

The inner voice dives deep into the emotional world, then abruptly emerges, flying as high as the sky, like dolphins dancing on the surface of life. It is connected to the universe, through the crescent moon crown, and the Earth – which is metaphorical with green leaves on the character’s kimono.

We hear voices which are dragging us in one way many times in our lives. It is, somehow, such confusing situations are meant to remind us: to seek stillness and inner concentration. Only then can we hear the truth.

Part 3 = the echo of the NM chart!

In his article, Rowen titled the NM: Immersion in the Body. Well seen.

Numbers and planets made a symphony to awake our awareness. Let’s applause the concerto.

And I would like to close this article with music....

Evanescence - Bring Me To Life

Pace Salute Liberta (Peace, Salvation, Freedom)


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