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Numerology report of the 15th, 22nd, 26th, 29th July 2022:

seeing the masters numbers and holding the line of awareness!

This month of July (=7th month of the year) amplifies the vibration of number 7. In the Osho Zen tarot it is the card symbolizing....

After the full moon of the 13th, there’s a subtle frequency of masters numbers bouncing with number 7.

A few words about the masters numbers:

A few words about the karmic numbers:

2022.... 20 22

Let’s start by the beginning:

* 15.07.2022

15+7= 22

* 22.07.2022

22+7= 29= 11

* 26.07.2022

26+7= 33 2022

(6 6 = 66)

* 29.07.2022


We can find a sequence of ordered masters numbers 22/11/33/11....knowing that the next 22 will be on the 14th August.

There is a subtle synchronicity announcing that we have to believe in a positive change. The events planned by the NWO and his nest of psychopaths (the WEF of Davos) are disturbed by a Force that doesn’t belong to any corrupt system.

The master numbers help the warrior to discover his/her own essence, facilitate his/her access to the double, and lead the warrior into a temporal line to make the right move.

I wanted to make it simple: all is a matter of awareness.


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