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Updated: Jun 7, 2022

The planets «function» are in the 'visible'. They represent the personal potentialities, the microcosm (the man). They invite us to experience outer life.

The «trans personal» planets are in the 'invisible'. They represent the attraction for spirituality, the macrocosm (the Universe). They invite us to experience the inner life. They give us the tools to carry out our mission of birth: to develop the talent shown by the sun.

The Planets of the unconscious, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, enrich the function (conscious) planets of Mercury, Venus and Mars, by giving them the means to act. They are significant especially in collective and global astrology.

They condition us to do inner mental work, to have a spiritual life.

Uranus is the gateway to the intuitive higher Mind, it is the upper octave of Mercury, (analytical lower mind). A symbol of an inner revolution, Uranus represents visionary power and intuitive knowledge.

Neptune is the gateway to unconditional Love, compassion, it is the upper octave of Venus. Artist or medium, the Neptunian represents receptivity, dream and fusion with the Whole.

Pluto is the gateway to spiritual Will. The higher octave of Mars is the power that allows the creation of new experiences for radical change.

With Uranus, we understand.

With Neptune, we feel.

With Pluto, we transform.

These are the 3 steps back to the Sun, after working on the ego.

These are the 3 initiatory paths that help to regain one’s own power.

The great evil and the great beneficial: Saturn and Jupiter.

Saturn is the clock that governs time, death and reality. If Jupiter pushes us to seek higher knowledge, and to scrutinise the heavens, Saturn keeps us focused on the demands of our karmic destiny. He reaps the consequences of our actions, thoughts or words. Saturn also governs Truth, especially in terms of physical reality. The different rings of Saturn remind us that there are many duties and obligations. As soon as we are physically fit, we are also limited by time. Saturn always reminds us of our mortality and the definiteness of Time itself. If Jupiter is limitless, representing the principle of expansion; Saturn shows us our limits in existence. In this way, the transits of Jupiter can push back the limits of a situation. Those of Saturn, can highlight them.

What we have to understand...

The trans personal planets act on the function planets, like the unconscious wants to deliver a message to consciousness. The great evil and the great beneficial help to balance with limitation or expansion.

Key words:

Jupiter: improvement

Saturn: organization

Pluto: change

Neptune: visionary

Uranus: innovation

It’s always interesting to check on your birth chart the interaction between:

- The trans personal planets and the function planets.

- Saturn and Jupiter on the trans personal planets.

- Saturn and Jupiter on the planets function.

By interaction I mean if there are aspects: conjunction, opposition, square, trigon, sextile or anything able to catch your attention.

Have a nice discovery.


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