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Updated: Feb 27, 2021

Following the signs and the side effects of this new moon in Aquarius, I’ve been called by the importance of Saturn in a birth chart. The Lord of Karma has a bad reputation: symbolizing limitations, restrictions, contractions, self-criticism, perfectionism, natural introspection, roughness, lack of communication…

In spite of all these conventional astrological parameters, Saturn has a lot to offer. Let’s remember that in Antiquity, Saturn was the god of agriculture. Here is what we were looking for: the link with the earth element. The Lord of Karma involving the process of death and rebirth validates his role as guardian of our ancestral memories, obviously in relation with the Jungian concept of the collective unconscious.

After more than 5 years of research and observation of the Saturnian transits, I have changed my mind and now consider the planet as an important point of focus in our birth chart. The great malefic becomes the great transformative agent. When we push away a part of our limitations, a new structure starts building up by itself, irrespective if it is a physical form, new ideas, new artistic creation or whatsoever makes you feel different inside. Knowing the battlefield of transformation is the real challenge. So, let me give you some tips!

The motions of Chronos:

Even if it is not so easy to decipher the cycle of Saturn, most astrologers attribute to the planet a cycle of 29 years. Ruler of the earthy and grounded Capricorn and the anti-conformist and rebellious air sign Aquarius, the Lord of Karma is not as psycho-rigid as it is described in modern astrology.

His leiv motiv “it takes times” must remind us of the god of agriculture and the time for harvest.

From another side, when Saturn is in retrograde motion it symbolizes a counter current of old karmic memories stuck in our collective unconscious and ready to move with any aspect on the planet.

Having Saturn R in your birth chart may offer you an irresistible attachment to the past, may make you feel “I don’t know this place (this person) but it’s like I know it (him, her) already…”...may also induce a lot of synchronicities.

Something important about Saturn is that it acts on any structure = body, administration, states, systems.

This NM of the 11.02.2021 in Aquarius (I have Saturn in Aquarius) really put in light the relation between this planet and the skeleton, as my knee and other articulations, bones, were showing me the track.

Lower chakras and the past:

Remember that the skeleton (bones, articulations) is linked to the earth element and contains the memories of the past.

The 3 lower chakras are tied to the past, to evacuation of toxins, reproduction (which is a recycling process) and to the management of emotions (which is the reaction to the memories of events).

By associating Saturn to the lower chakras and by a subtle attitude of self-observation and watching carefully the cycles of the planet on your birth chart, one can understand why some new pains are coming back from the past. Any deep aspect with Saturn might shake body and mind. Consciousness and unconscious might play the fools but will always show you something.

According to an intense work of observation, I have noted that the most precious (and difficult) aspects with Saturn are the following:

- Saturn R when you were born.

- the return of Saturn, let’s say conjunction (29/30 yr’s old; 58/59 yr’s old).

- Saturn with aspects with the Nodes (conjunction, opposition, square…).

- Saturn with aspects with the Dark Moon/Lilith (conjunction, opposition, square…).

All these periods should be considered as important passages, also depending where they occur, sign or house, and sometimes must be called “returns of the past”. As time is cyclical, not linear, there are lines of realities (past lives if you prefer) that might come to surface. During these passages, dreams, coincidences and synchronicities should become the active transformative enzymes given by Saturn.

Wishing all of you a time full of revelations!


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