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Nostalgia of Simplicity

Updated: Aug 29, 2022

Imagine the world and our everyday reality a bit different than we got use to it now. Imagine people give more attention to their friends and families, nature, trees, animals and less attention to phones, ipads, adverts.

Imagine our seas are with less plastic and garbage of (over)fishing vessels in their beds, that fish are still healthy to eat and eggs don't have numbering on them - that an egg is just a simple egg.

Imagine you see a family on a bench and the mother is playing or at least watching her children play, instead of putting her eyes down on a screen. Imagine that people are less stressed, more relaxed, more doing what they love instead of doing what they are ''supposed'' to be doing. Imagine we eat food that nourishes our body instead of the mind. Imagine NOT eating cucumbers because they are not in season! Imagine a time where children prefer to stay outside rather than inside where they are comfortably numb with an AC and internet.

I do sometimes imagine it. Because I remember life before the speed, before the scooters and 5Gs. I remember making little 'secret treasure' made from flowers, shells and topped with a piece of glass then buried an inch under the ground for my friends or other children to find.

I remember when people used to read books, play chess or interacting with each other in parks without distractions. I remember camping by the lakes alone or with a bunch of strangers sharing the last cheese and tomato sandwich, when we did not know the scares of the internet. I remember life without fast food restaurants and craziness of fast fashion. I remember slow summer days in old towns, when children use to go and play outside their homes or just lay on warm grass watching gypsies eat sunflower seeds in the shade of a maple tree, occasionally making grimaces or 'scary' faces.

Sometimes I feel that life is not that simple anymore and every month the news headlines get scarier than the previous ones. People then have to live faster, consume more, eat more, to feel 'better', to feel less. It is more and more difficult to stay in the moment, we somehow all feel that. However it is not impossible. 5G or any other G connections which we do not really need in our lives can interfere with it, but they are not stronger than human connections and definitely not stronger than our connection with the body, spirit, nature.

Here are some antidotes which can help to stay grounded if we feel we lose touch:

Walking barefoot in a morning dew;

Going out without a phone;

Feeling and talking to trees;

Doing crafts;


Walking for long;

Cherishing relationships which enriche you and removing ones which put you down;

Sharing a meal with a stray;

Listening to the sound of the sea/fire/wind (earth-yes, why not!)

Reading less news;


Planting a tree / vegetable

Making eye contact with people;


Wishing you simple days,


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