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Solar Eclipse in Scorpio, 25th October 2022, 12.48 CET, Malta

This Solar Eclipse / new Moon acts as the gate to Samhain, the pagan feast in which we face our deepest fears and remember what lies hidden in the darkness. This voyage into the dark leads to renewal as it brings the hidden into the light of conscious action.

The Battle for the Mind

Specific to Samhain, happening on the day, is Mars turning retrograde in the sign of Gemini. This

determines how we look at the chart of this Solar Eclipse, not least because Mars is one point in a triangle of Air formed together with Mercury and Saturn.

Pluto and Saturn are entangled in a subtle interaction: they dance a strange dance, making strange deals, and fighting strange wars. The lord of the underworld, true protagonist of this whole passage, is in Saturn's domain in Capricorn. Both planets return to direct motion this month, with Saturn turning direct a day before the solar eclipse. So Saturn - who is also in a long-standing square tie to the explosive Uranus – is facing the most volatile planets, making this return to direct motion very difficult to interpret.

One thing is sure. The powers of the world are making their move, seeking to overpower those who choose not to conform with the madness through bullying tactics of the lowest kind. The

intensification of the battle for our minds is at hand. And so we must prepare.

The Key

Venus, in tight conjunction to the Solar Eclipse, provides the key. The enormous power for renewal and unexpected developments that the solar eclipse carries will therefore take a Venusian flavour and direction. I suspect we will have a taste of ecstasy. In our depths we can find the beauty that belongs to us. We can move beyond the mirror of self-reflection,

releasing our Double from the burdens of the old, tired mind. From the mysterious and forgotten

depths will come renewal, a re-generation of our whole being, a new mind that discovers truth through the creative action.

Mercury, at the head of the triangle of Air, is also in conjunction to the eclipse. Mars, the traditional ruler of Scorpio (seat of the solar eclipse) and Mercury, ruler of Gemini (present location of Mars), provide this chart with a subtle interaction between these two planets. To add to the cocktail, Mars and Mercury are joined by Saturn to form a triangle of Air. This indicates that the gate to the renewal of the mind and of our communication is open. The energy is readily available! It is up to us to tune into the frequency of renewal.

Of course Mars, as it stations to turn retrograde on the feast of Samhain, is bound to create a serious dose of mental agitation, nervous communication, and an urge for new mental frontiers. Since it happens in Gemini, there is also the probability of a clash of ideas and personal rhythms. This is the battlefield which we must face in order to earn the Venusian renewal. If there is a war accept it, and deal with it from a place of inner beauty and true relating.

The Power to Dream

The Great Benefic and lord of freedom and pleasure, Jupiter moves in retrograde entering Pisces, into a conjunction with its ruler Neptune. The warning for this is always the same; this can lead to serious indulgence in and re-activation of those old demons called 'addictions'. That is a true scenario. In the Nagualist way however, if this energy is positively intended, it also represents an opportunity to experience dreaming. This very strange concept and slippery practice can take different forms, but it always involves a dissolving of the intellectual separation between the imagination and truth. We observe our inner and outer reality, not as detached observers, but as creative actors, fully involved and expended in the formation of the world we inhabit. We dream our reality and realize the dream. Through engaging our imagination and merging with our dreaming double we allow reality the space to reveal itself truthfully in its infinite complexity.

Neptune is in a harmonious sextile to Uranus, a planet that is very positively aspected. Except for

that long-standing and challenging square to Saturn, Uranus is in harmonious relationship with Neptune, Pluto, and the North Node. The powers intent on domination of the world seek to hijack the power of dreaming. They seek to streamline perception to the crudely materialistic limit that makes their agenda feasible. To re-find, re-kindle, remember this power to dream is the strongest resistance any human being can offer. Through it we re-gain what millenia of conditioning have erased from our consciousness. Through it, empowered by the Dream, the true Revolution takes place.

See you on the other side


PS thanks to Kalen for inspiring the themes of this text. I was lost on this one!

These are screenshots of a search-engine search for the word 'ecstasy', as I was unsure of

the spelling. I share these because in them you can notice what the noise of the mind has almost

erased from the collective consciousness. Let's bring back the ecstasy!)

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