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Taking back the Gift of Joy (an effect of the May 2021 eclipse)

Through the discoveries made during this FM eclipse, in big part thanks to Kalen's effective injections (not vaccines!!) of new perceptions on astrology and karma, i have come to a point of karma-recapitulation.

Just follow a bit the path the spirit led me through:

Whilst “cooking my karma” (see article) i discovered some pretty unpalatable connections. Popes and emperors, the rise of the dark catholic empire, the supplanting of the gift of democracy with a sort of theocracy, violence and suffering caused by identification with ideas and ideologies, and the thirst for blood and power justified under the standard of “evangelization” and “civilization”.

This, at first, brought me to a worrisome stand-still; finding it difficult to accept that my karma is related to such things. But then i took an honest look at my life.

Power kept leading me. Somehow, following closely the signs, i stumbled upon a late medieval sorcerer who was about to visit the pope of that time. On hearing of the sorcerer's intention, the pope condemned him to burn on the stake as soon as he arrives. The sorcerer, probably unaware of this pope's instructions, made his way to meet said pope. Upon arrival the sorcerer did not get arrested. However the pope had died that very night!

Somehow, this story of personal power linked with an act of courage reminded me of the Norse tradition, and the signs confirmed. So i kept following. As it happened, during the time of the popes and emperors and particularly during the rise of the dark catholic empire in the 7th century, there was another, less well-known activity happening in parallel: The Vikings were splitting Europe apart, breaking the hegemony of power that the empire was pushing for. Thanks to this 'interruption' democracy could slowly, eventually, recover in Europe.

Waking up one morning I noticed through the window that someone had put up a flag, yellow and white, with a symbol on it. It was the symbol of the pope!! So, taking the hint (the yellow, colour of action), i looked up this symbol, the Chi Rho, supposedly a symbol of Christ using the first two letters, Ch and r. The historical Christening of these forms is pure manipulation, a clear work of the flyers. The future emperor apparently saw this symbol in the sky, complete with written instructions! Instructions were “Conquer by this sign”. (I promise you this is actual, documented history, not making any of this up!)

Still following the signs and intuitions, putting all of the different threads into one movement, i noticed that there is more to this symbol than what they want us to believe. Exactly as the Nazi empire did in the 20th Century, the dark catholic empire stole the power of the runes. The Universe, balancing this aberration, manifested the most skillful and deadly warriors, the Norsemen, as they later became known. To this day, mentioning them still inspires awe. They went on the offensive as the empire tried to bury and plagiarise the rich pagan heritage.

I then asked: How does this apply to our present situation? This question, as you might be guessing, led me into getting to know the runes involved a bit better, in order to understand What has been stolen, or hijacked, if you prefer. The runes involved are:

Wunjo, the rune of joy, the ability to shape our destiny harmoniously and effortlessly, will without struggle.


Gebo, the gift, acceptance of the other, the cosmic power made available to man, the power of union.

So in their original runic sense, if you had to unite these two runes into one intent, you would have something more like “The Gift of Joy”. This gift is precisely what the empire has stolen from us. And it is our challenge to take it back!! And we take it back by dissolving the egoic structures, pain-reserves and thought-forms that were created at the time, depending on your own share of karma. We are filters, processors of karma!

Looking further into the way the Chi Rho was used, i came upon how it was held up physically, during the invasions carried out by the dark catholic empire.

As you can see in the illustration, and as it is described by historians, the symbol was being carried on a spear, also equipped with a horizontal beam on which the textile bearing the symbol would be hanged. This beam formed a cross with the spear. So, spear and cross. The spear is a weapon used to destroy another life. It is the symbol of violence.

The cross is a symbol of suffering, guilt, punishment (the Roman Empire, which later became the Roman Catholic Empire, used crucifixion as the ultimate punishment). So it is clear that the polarity of the runic intent was perverted and reversed in order to suit the hunger for power, control and domination. Unity was perverted into homogeneity, conformism, alienation.... Joy was perverted into ambition, violence, and eventually into the cult of comfort and affluence.

The Gift of Joy has been snatched from humanity by powers that we do not fully understand, but whose effects we see, feel and suffer. But this gift belongs to organic beings, Gaia, the trees, the bats, the stones, the cicadas, the cats, dogs, birds and lions, and why not, to us humans as well.

We do not live to suffer!! This is the good news!

So i wish to share the last thing: i felt, on discovering all this, a surge of inner power, a certainty that my energy body knew exactly what to do to take the gift of joy back. I remembered my self. I simply followed its lead, intending a new (but true and original) meaning for this symbol, visualizing it and freeing it from papal power, freeing the Gift of Joy from its karmic chains, and taking back a natural joy hidden underneath tons of karmic guilt. Chi Rho, in its sonic vibration (not a illusion/vision in the sky) sounds very much like the centaur Chiron. In mythology and astrology he is the master healer who is also wounded, the symbol par excellence of solidarity and healing. His orbit around the outer planets, link to Saturn, and his official designation as “2060” (=8) shows that this centaur is very much linked to cleansing of karma.

Taking back the Gift of Joy is an act of power and healing we can all perform. I feel it could have serious positive consequences on our lives and times, since we are in the challenge of cleansing the karma created during the Middle Ages. Taking back the Gift of Joy, in your own particular way, is a true act of revolution on the energetic level. It is about recovering the power to effortlessly shape our destiny in a world characterized by harmonious exchanges.



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