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The 'Triangle of Water' for the New Moon in Libra, 25th September 2022

Updated: Sep 26, 2022

While most astrologers would not consider it technically correct, this triangle is the first thing that jumped out to me from the chart. It is formed by the South Node (Scorpio), Nessus and Juno

(Pisces), and Black Moon Lilith (Cancer).

It points to unconscious content coming up from the depths of the past, especially with regard

blocked or stagnant feminine energy and the relationship to the mother. This could involve clues

coming in dreaming or memories relating to the source / origin of neurotic behaviours, even those we have never been aware of having.

There is an opening for deep transformation in very dark areas of our personal history, particularly early childhood trauma. This involves the retrieval of a part of blocked, hidden magic that belongs to us and has been forbidden us.

As we begin the descent into the dark with the Autumn Equinox and the new Moon which

accompanies it, something that we consider impossible could become possible. It will surprise us to see how much light can be gained by facing the darkness.


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