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Bee: the Buzz of Destiny

The Bee is all heart. She comes to make possible what is 'not supposed to happen'.

It is wise and practical to make a clear distinction between 'fate' and 'destiny'.

Fate is what you have been thrown into, what you are condemned to become. It is one's path as marked by conditioned behaviours and expectations. A leaf in the wind. Fate, at its best, can give you opulence, influence, power.

Destiny has nothing to do with the future, for it is about who you truly are. There is no destination, there is only a path one paves with every conscious step. Destiny is about abundance, service and harmony.

The Heart is the centre of the warrior. And when the Bee comes, she is pointing us to be in the heart.

The Bee invites one to balance, service, and courage.


The Bee invites one to assess the nature and level of one's productivity. The question, of course, is “Am I doing too little or am I doing too much?” But this question cannot be answered in any clear and conclusive way for the warrior unless the answer arises out of the inner frequency of destiny.

If one is doing “too much” he is being carried by the anxieties of fate.

If one is doing “too little” he is being sabotaged by the same anxieties.

The balance in productivity, on the level of quantity, cannot be answered in a satisfactory manner unless one's focus is on the quality of one's work. If the honey is bitter, then it is not doing anyone any good. If you are not enjoying the fruits of your labour, then it is time to ask “why?”, “what?” and “how?”. The Bee has come with the challenge: discover what is driving you fast into the same old walls / discover what is slowing you down enough to sink you into the ground.

2 Kinds of Selflessness:

In the world of the Bee the individual counts very little without its total dedication to the community. The Bee reminds us of one of the basic truths of the life of Awareness; that all that exists is a Unity.

Again, the clear difference between fate and destiny becomes useful here. The Bee, if she enters your life, might be inviting you to assess the quality of your selflessness.

To what extent is your dedication to the group a means of escaping the appointments you have with your being?


Is your meditative isolation still a choice, or is it an escape from realizing your dreams?


How do I find inner growth and joy in selfless action? What, in other words, is my destiny's call?

Discover your question.


The Bee is not 'supposed' to fly. She does not seem to be designed to fly... except of course for those wings! But she does so, I suppose a bit reluctantly, but she does so. This ability, along with other things she does seem to have been 'designed' for, makes the bee one of the most important beings for the maintenance of the planet, and probably of life on Earth as we know it.

She reminds us that to break the limits of fate and the known is a sure step in discovering the joyous surprise of destiny. And for that we sometimes need to face odds that at first seem impossible.

The Path with Heart is tread by women and men with heart.

It is a path in which barriers must fall and communication must thrive. It is a path that gives what it promises (abundance, fruitfulness, peace) and demands what it demands (persistence, honesty and hard work).


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