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Full Moon in Aries - 1st October 2020

23.05 CET

This full Moon is the first of two this month. This is interesting as it coincides with the chart's mood; the tension between the 1 and the 2, and the opportunity for balance and harmony that arises once these tensions are understood and thus dissolved.


The number 1 is all over the the FM. Aries is the 1st sign of the zodiac. The FM happens on the 1st day of the 10th month (10 = 1). In this part of the world (CET) the time of the FM is 23:05, and EST time at 5:05 pm, both adding up to 1.

It is also a FM that is marked by the Cardinal modality. Aries and Libra are cardinal signs, and the other strong aspect (Saturn/Pluto square to Mars) also happens in the cardinal modality. The cardinal signs are concerned with new beginnings, also the area of the number 1.


Libra, where the sign the Sun is currently cruising through is a double sign. It too is concerned with the matter of identity and how to create and express it. But identity, as Libra understands it, is more a matter of relationships and the understanding of who I am through harmonious interaction with the other, whether this other is a person, a society, a skill, or the Source. The 1, as it goes through the 2, seeks to return to the Un-manifested Oneness (the shedding of individuality).

The Context

The previous new Moon indicated an opening out of conflict into harmonious living. This full Moon (the Harvest Moon) is a continuation of that passage, a time to 'harvest' this opening. A time to begin truly concretizing new beginnings, especially as regards the question of “What is my place in this world?”

The next full Moon coincides with Samhain (now mostly known as Halloween), a Gaelic festival marking the beginning to the darker half of the year. True to the mood of Autumn (or Fall, as the Americans call it), it tells us by anticipation that it is a time to face death, right now. Not simply physical death, as we can do nothing about that; but the dying that comes through understanding and action, and is possible every minute of our lives.

Dying to the past, to the known, to the pettiness and confusion of our existence, is a promise of rebirth into a better, lighter and happier version of ourselves and the world we inhabit.

The Message of the Chart

The Moon in Aries pushes us to action that satisfies our need to be who we are, to follow our instincts and wishes. Enlightened by the wisdom of the Sun in Libra, however, this instinct to be ourselves takes a higher dimension; that of dialogue, a beautiful and useful art that has unfortunately been largely lost in our obsession with security and self-defence. In true dialogue the truth, and therefore the path to be taken, arises with more clarity. It arises out of common human experience. The confusion of 'me' is left behind.

It goes without saying that obstacles exist, patroned by the square aspect Saturn/Pluto with Mars. Both Saturn and Mars are in their rulerships, both dealing with the same issue of identity, but from different perspectives and with different agendas. Mars in Aries wants to act, caring little for plans, others, ideals etc. Saturn in Capricorn wants to structure this action, focus it on something tangible and useful to the community. The conflict between the individual and collective interests is here very much at the top of the agenda of this square aspect.

Pluto demands change, deep, lasting change. With Pluto alignment is our only option. And alignment in this case means dying. A dying to my own importance, my own pettiness, my own desire to control and manipulate. This dying happens through dialogue, the appreciation of harmonious action, and truly attending to the other. In this way we avoid the conformity to individualism, to a sick “system” that feeds on egoism and shameless self-interest. Instead we find a personal alignment with intent, the passion of the universe that pervades all things and maintains life itself. This is a deep spiritual harmony, expressed astrologically in this chart as the square aspect between Neptune retrograde in Pisces and the North Node in Gemini. This is an aspect that points us to acknowledge and nurture our Double (or dreaming body), the mysterious, silent side of ourselves.


This Full Moon holds a great opportunity to experience harmony with the depths of ourselves and others even in the face of restrictive and nerve wrecking situations. Doing more of what makes us feel good, and less of what we are used to and has nothing left to give, will feed our inner Sun. We will need that for the journey into the darkness that lies ahead.

Last words to an enlightened being:

“Life is Action, and Life is Relationship.”



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