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Full Moon in the axis Aries / Libra, 16th April 2022, 20.55 CET, Malta.

Updated: Jun 7, 2022

We could say that this challenging full Moon is characterised by a T-square pattern with Pluto and an emphasis on the Water element. This suggests that what has been hiding in the depths is coming up to the surface and demands to be faced with a determined and fluid attitude.

The Moon is in the 1st house. Big themes will play out on a personal level.

A Bit of Context

We are entering the climax of a 12-month period which opened with the total eclipse of the 26th May 2021 and will come to fruition with the total eclipse of the 16th May 2022.

26th May 2021 = 26 + 5 + 5 = 36 = 9

16th May 2022 = 16 + 5 + 6 = 27 = 9

The number 9 is the symbol of a cycle coming to an end. During this 12 month period something is dissolving, dying, to make way for the new.

The present full Moon too has a numerological link to the total eclipse of the 26th May 2021 in the number 26.

This FM: 16th April 2022 = 16 + 4 + 6 = 26.

As the article on this site 'Wake up the Goddess' (published during the May 2021 total eclipse) points out; 26 = 13 x 2.

The number 13:

“symbol of transformation and regeneration after death. Probably it will be the death of the ego, the devastating level of self importance brought by the system. Time to accept a real change of both sides: physical and spiritual.” (Wake up the Goddess)

From another side 2 + 6 adds up to 8, which points to Karma. So if we put all these ingredients together into one dish we find that what is coming up to the surface during this full Moon has a karmic flavour to it. We are being called to allow a karmic burden, something that has plagued us unconsciously probably since birth, to dissolve.

The Art of Dying

Pluto, the lord of the underworld, occupies Saturn's kingdom in Capricorn, and also the 10th house (the house corresponding to the characteristics of Capricorn). This sign is one in which structures are frequently built to bury the past and make it difficult to find. Pluto, on the other hand, prefers to uncover things that have been buried, and therefore tends to demand (not ask for) the destruction of these structures. Destruction is not an evil thing, it is just very difficult to accept. It is however the necessary step for the new to arise.

The T-Square (Pluto / FM) is a pattern that is highly charged. Tension and action are walking the tight rope. Pluto's challenge is at present probably going to be felt more in terms of the difficulty it presents rather than in terms of the freedom it offers. This is to be expected. The square aspect is naturally a difficult one, and requires patience to be resolved. This doesn't mean that action should be avoided, only that expectations of immediate results are futile. It also helps us accept the fact that we feel a bit overwhelmed by the challenges.

The Sun in Aries is the pure ego of survival, and patience is not one of its virtues. Its energy is that of the ram, pure extroverted power. The scout planet of this full Moon is Pallas, the warrior goddess, daughter of Jupiter. As the female counterpart to Mars (Aries) she contributes a sense of diplomacy and balance to the mood of this lunation. Not by accident she is also associated with the sign of Libra in which we presently find the feminine counterpart of the male Sun, the Moon.

The full Moon in Libra highlights familial and close relationships. Libra provides the ability to understand the other's point of view, thus promoting balance. The challenge is to use the self-confidence that Aries brings to the table, and shake a little what Libra would rather let be out of sheer fear of imbalance. The warrior-diplomat goddess embodies this paradigm nicely.


The square aspect also reminds us of the number 4 and structure. Saturn's harmonious aspect to the FM (in the sign of Aquarius and the adventurous 9th house) indicates the possibility of true re-structuring and of learning valuable life-lessons. As suggested by the conjunction of Mercury and Uranus in Taurus, in following our deep intuition we will receive the necessary guidance to revolutionise and inspire our lives.

We are also only one lunation away from another eclipse knocking on our door, the one happening on the new Moon of the 30th April 2022:


April 16th, This Full Moon
April 30th, New Moon + Partial Eclipse + Beltane
May 16th, Full Moon + Total Eclipse

A full Moon is a time to embrace action. Depending on the quality of our action we will open ourselves to a new life, or not, with the eclipse of the 30th April. Synchronizing with the pagan feast of Beltane, this partial eclipse tells us that something vital and deeply spiritual is urging us to manifest.

30 + 4 + 6 = 40 (4)

The 4 (structure and limit) in unity with the limitless 0 gives us the inner elixir.

Not to be forgotten, in the Osho Tarot the number 4 is The Rebel. Rebellion by definition is not about flowers and honey. There is always the element of conflict, of something that must be broken... a chain, a structure, a lie, an assumption, a routine... and something that must be claimed or taken back. Be that as it may however, the Rebel's power is not just the raw power of the ram, but the somehow peaceful power of he who gives himself the chance to embrace his own destiny.

The Rebel becomes a force of dissolution only because he is, by the nature of his choices, impossible to control and manipulate. He is true to himself, and one with his truth.

Patience will be required, as the square N.Node / Saturn also suggests. But we can keep our eyes on the goal and work patiently around the difficulties. Like Water we can seep through anything.

There is a strong emphasis on the Water element in this FM chart.Most of the planets are to be found in the western hemisphere, and the FM has been introduced by the conjunction of Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces. To add to all this, we find a watery “triangle” comprised of the the Moon, Lilith (just entering Cancer) and Mars (just entering Pisces). The Moon will be in Scorpio during the total eclipse of May, bringing this loose triangular link to a late harvest in exactly a month's time.

All this powered flowingness, while not really excluding the possibility of emotional tsunamis, provides the clue of how to deal with this challenging passage of dying, and of allowing ourselves to be born.

The ACE of Water in the Osho Tarot is the card of the moment:

Go with the Flow!


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