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Full Moon in the axis Aries / Libra, 9th October 2022, 22.54 CET, Malta.

Updated: Oct 8, 2022

Alchemy of Creative Action

This chart is almost a pure replica of the previous new Moon chart. This is due to a common ascendant in Cancer. Now as then we are invited to acknowledge that the boundaries that make us think of ourselves as separate individuals are to some extent and at a deep level illusory. This acknowledgement moves us not only to consider the extent of the influences that have made us who we are today, but also how empathy and a borderless continuity with an 'other' can lead us to an alchemical transformation of ourselves and our environment.

This chart offers us three triangles, of Water, Air and Earth.

The triangle of Water has been carried forward from the previous new Moon, with one important difference; Lilith has moved out of it and has been replaced by Pallas. A triangle of Water is immensely fluid, opening the opportunity for smooth change, intuition, and cleansing. Pallas teaches us the wisdom of balance. Diplomat and warrior, female but implacable in a male-dominated world, independent but always in need of her steadfast, gentle, and quiet companion Chariklo.

We are invited to allow healing from past frustrations and injustice, opportunities missed, lost or stolen from us. We are invited to move out of resentment into a space in which a new future with new rules can be conceived.

The mood of this full Moon is that of healing through balance. The triangles of Earth and Air point the way to the balancing point of the human being; the heart chakra. The triangle of Air, comprised of Saturn (R), Mars, and a conjunction between the Sun and Venus, is pointing down. This brings the balance between the past and the future into clear relief. Something that has caused us frustration is returning from the depths of the past, and it wants to be considered and restored; this time as a power that is available to us as a healing agent.

The downward movement of the Air triangle is balanced by the impulse of Libra. In this sign conjunction of Sun and ruler Venus is in opposition to the conjunction of Moon and Chiron (R). This opposition can be felt as a demand to choose between one's own happiness and that of others. But this is the illusion of the 'program'.

In fact the various aspects in this chart are all in their own way pointing toward an alchemical transformation. This means that a skill or practice that we love, but that has frustrated us in the past, is returning as an aid to inner transformation. Through the outward movement of acting creatively, forming something beautiful, communicating, empathising, we effectively manifest our inner transformation. This will involve a cleansing of the rigid mind-structures that cause fear and resentment with regard to the frustrations and failures of the past. And this is very possible in the astrological climate of this full Moon.

As Mercury turns into direct motion, he does so as one point in the triangle of Earth which he forms with Pluto (r) and Uranus (r). So let's keep our minds open to the messages of the gods, as the subtlest of thoughts might lead to unexpected clues for transformation.

The larger context of this full Moon involves the long-standing square between Saturn (r) and Uranus (r), and of course the fact that this is the last lunation before the eclipse season resumes. We are in the middle of the eclipse season in the axis Taurus / Scorpio, bringing a deep and lasting change in the area of resources, possessions (including skills), and security, as well as relationships, sensuality and sex. These are especially sensitive areas that require much work and time as they tend to shake us to the core.

During the passage ahead the conflict expressed by the square of Saturn and Uranus could be described as the difficulty of humanity to figure out how to grow into a better, more authentic version of itself. The full Moon, conjunct the wounded healer Chiron, is in harmonious sextile aspect to Saturn (r) in Aquarius. This is a great time to heal from the past and create a new future.

During this difficult passage we have to trust that which quietly works in the background. We can say that it is represented by the quiet, reliable, and steadfast Chariklo, Chiron's female counterpart, as she gracefully gallops between the orbits of Saturn and Uranus (and therefore at the boundary between the

inner and outer planets), supporting humanity's healing through individual liberation.


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