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HAIR AND ROOT CHAKRA (women special)

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

For a woman, any trouble with the hair (or the nails) is linked to the root chakra (Muladhara), the colour red and the Earth element. The hair might reflect preoccupations linked to security, disharmony at home or at work, and somehow tensions in relationships. True symbol of the animal nature, and let's say the union with her own animal nature, the hair represents an impulse of vital energy, body nobility, charm and seduction.

In Antiquity, the hair was a symbol of freedom, and the slaves had their hair shaved.

For the religious, shaving or cutting their hair was the proof of their commitment.

Nowadays, a haircut is the expression of the persona, showing the instinctive forces of the woman's personality: colour, long or short, style …

To improve hair growth, there are a wide range of products and lotions. The advice of my herbalist grandfather was to use the following plants: nettle, horse tail, burdock, jaborandi, laurel, geranium (in essential oil), oregano, Rosmarinus, wild thyme.


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