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Hunting the Psychopath (Full Moon in Aries, 20/10/21, 16.56 CET, Malta)

On a social level the world is going through a conflict between the polarities, one involving the value of individual freedom, and the other intent at homogenizing the social space through what is assumed to be a necessary 'hegemony', or domination of one group over another.

This conflict is very clearly expressed in this full Moon chart, and perhaps needs to be brought down to a personal level so that solutions can be crafted. One way to start imagining a solution in the context of this very challenging full Moon is to understand the fact that this conflict is not necessary. It is not inherent to the fundamental nature of the universe. On a deeper level these two 'polarities' are one and the same thing, and therefore are served by the same interests. Harmonious unity is the highest form of individual fulfilment. Everything else is illusion.

We have the Moon in Aries. Very uncomfortable, ready to explode. The emotions are extreme, blinding, leading to impulsiveness. The risk is to lose sight of the fact that others exist.

Then, the Sun conjunct Mars in Libra. Again we have two bodies that like to be direct, independent, and in the case of Mars ruthless, but who are cast into a role that is demanding a balanced performance. Mars is lost, wandering, forced to acknowledge its gentle opposite, Venus the ruler of Libra. The Sun is in its Fall. The king has to bow. He has to consider that his kingdom and its inhabitants are not fulfilled through blind generosity, but through considerate respect and acknowledgement of their uniqueness. After all, creation begins with an act of disintegration: As the completeness of Pisces is shattered in the move to Aries, the individual arises out of (and departs from) the perfection of the collective. The evolution of consciousness takes place once again through the process of integration.

Piling up on this not-so-easy situation there is Pluto's square to the full Moon. Pfeeew! This compounds the intensity and violence of the emotions, and introduces a further concern: the ruthless pursuit of power and control; and here we can be cast both as victims and as perpetrators.

All of the above clearly sets the stage for some really challenging times, collectively and individually. But even here we can already glimpse the opportunity for healing. Pluto has recently turned direct, Jupiter and Mercury as well, exactly one day before the full Moon... and this means that the process of metamorphosis, expansion and higher understanding are in motion.

As we move into Samhain and the deepest, darkest, most mysterious times of the year, we are also faced with another major and potentially nasty aspect: The Quincunx between Venus and Uranus. This is a major inconjunct and averse aspect, bringing yet again the conflict between individual freedom and being-in-relation. This difficulty includes intimate relationships but is not limited to them. It also might involve the relationship to one's skills, one's appearance and other things. When unresolved this aspect leads to ruthlessness and cruelty. Ted Bundy and Adolf Hitler had this aspect in their birth chart!

Both Venus and Uranus are also heavily aspected. Venus for example has a difficult square to Nessus and another square to Neptune, and an opposition to Lilith, to name a few. It also, now to take a breather, has a nice harmonious aspect to Chiron, who also is in opposition to Mercury (just turned direct). This is good, as it points toward healing and understanding, and also to more harmonious communication.

So, all things considered, the challenge of this full Moon is clearly related to how we balance our need for self-assertion and individual freedom with the fact that we are essentially beings-in-relation. This will of course involve being very honest with ourselves, looking squarely into how and why we desire power, how we manipulate others, how and why we need to control our environment. In other words, where is the psychopath in me? What form does it take?

This full Moon is known as the Hunter's Moon. Taking inspiration from Carlos Castaneda's works we remember the Art of Stalking, which essentially is the development of the practice of hunting down our self-importance, and in so doing effectively reducing its import on our lives.

To crack the 'program' and step into freedom we must retrieve the energy that our self-importance uses for its own sustenance. It is always surprising when self-importance stops functioning for a while, as one always finds a new perspective and a new space for life even though outwardly nothing seems to have changed.

It is time to immerse ourselves in the sea of awareness, to calibrate our emotional body, and tune ourselves to the vibrations of spirit.

The Hunter's Moon is also a preparation for the dark and cold winter days. As we move into Samhain, an eclipse in November, and another in December, we are making the final steps through the portal of 2021. This full Moon is aligned to the fixed star Alpherg; this contextualizes the difficulties of this lunation within the theme of spiritual development and insight. We just need to be patient and very observant. These are the pains of rebirth. When they pass, and they will, life will flower anew.

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