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New Moon in Cancer, 10th July 2021, 3:16 CET, Malta

Updated: Jul 10, 2021

The Battlefield

We tend to think of a shock in terms of something instantaneous. But there is also a sustained shock, one that lasts months, perhaps years. This is precisely the kind of shock that marks our entry into the world as little babies, up to early childhood. Once out of the security and comfort of the watery womb we are immediately faced with an alien, immense, hard, dry, 'ready-made' world.

Out of the shock arises the need for a psychological and energetic armour. Our immediate relations and the structures we share provide us with the necessary “education” for that armour to take form. The armour gives us a sense of security, but also a sense of deep loneliness. Left unattended, away from the light of awareness, this loneliness can eventually turn into an unconscious isolation.

Lilith represents the fact that security does not really exist. In her trine to Pluto R she invites us to accept the death of the ego and unlock our true power; the power to set ourselves free.

Going Deep

During a New Moon in Cancer, the sign of security and motherly nurturing, and a Neptune freshly turned retrograde, it is almost inevitable that we feel the inner urge to sink into very deep and unconscious memory. At these depths we can sense, if the mind is quiet, the threshold between birth and death, a longing for what has been buried, there where few dare to thread.

With so many 'trouble-makers' in retrograde it is also the case that the past won't be asking permission to re-surface. So it is a good idea to be aware of the memories as they arise. Perhaps one can find a common mood and “hitch a ride” down the rabbit-hole of the unconscious.

The fact that Cancer is the sign that opposes Capricorn is a testament to how deep the well of wisdom in the art of Astrology is. Within this axis the Womb is replaced by the Matrix. The socio-political and economic structure provides us with repeatability, the elusive dream of security, and the promise of comfort. And the price it demands in return is the birthright of living creatively, spontaneously, with flair and genuine joy.

But during this particular lunation we leave behind the concern for the outside world and the structures that populate it. We are now called to focus on what is more immediate, the circle of close relations and the family intent, and how our inner world has been formed.


With Neptune R in its very own Pisces, square to Mercury, we are very much called to sit with our illusions, our alienations and addictions, our blind faith in 'free will' and in the truth of the history, theories and values we have been “educated” with. And we must also remember to come up for air, for the call of the depths can easily intoxicate, and its wonders and intricacies can easily mesmerise. We are luminous beings, and through diving into the depths we become aware of those unconscious impediments to a life lived with vigour and fulfilment.

With a heavily aspected Venus, the areas of love and money (two of the strongest sources of false security) come into focus. This might be quite a nervous kind of focus as the conjunction of Mars and Venus is strongly aspected to the square Uranus / Saturn.

A highly charged Venus, however, along with the sextile aspect of the new Moon with Uranus, indicates an opening to an inner shift towards moving away from the falseness and into a more creative, surprising, intuitive, and spontaneous way of life. Let the body express itself vigorously so as to harmonize body, heart and mind.


The power of the Water element is also that of cleansing. During the last full Moon in the axis Capricorn / Cancer we were faced with the karma inherent in our social, political and economic structures. We are now in a new Moon in Cancer, and therefore provided with the energy to go deep into those inner traumas that, in a very real way, uphold those structures through our need for a false security. It is time to find out the ways in which our need for this security is manifested, both in our everyday lives, and in more persistent patterns that seem to infinitely repeat themselves during our lifetime.

Centaur Nessus is in a trine aspect to the new Moon and sextile to Uranus. The dive into our deep unconscious memory here finds an opening into the detection and overturning of the effects of the sustained shock that instigated the formation of our energetic armour. The tiny body and the fragile psychology of the infant registers the shock of the ready-made world as a form of abuse (Nessus). Chiron, sextile to Saturn R, indicates an opening towards an inner re-structuring based upon the acknowledgement of a deep, original wound. Saturn / Uranus square indicates that this is not going to be smooth, but worth it nonetheless.


This new Moon, while providing special access to navigating the landscape of dreams and the sea of awareness, also leads directly to the full Moon in the axis Aquarius / Leo on the 24th July. This will be the first of two full Moons in the same axis. So we are moving from the present lunation in which the Moon is in her rulership (Cancer) into a full Moon (the first of two) in which the Sun will be in its rulership (Leo). This marks a clear shift right in the middle of the year of the Portal.*

So here we are diving into the deep and foreboding realms of the unconscious, where we can retrieve our birthright of light, to re-surface as new beings, capable of true action; action flowing not from fear or the need for a false certainty, but from the harmony and fullness of life.


For a better understanding of the energetic armour or shell please refer to Discovering the System of the Shell – Colours Part 2

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