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Speedy Rabbit - A Journey Awaits

Updated: Aug 23, 2022

This spring we were ''followed'' by a lot of wild rabbits. On one of our gaits of power in the countryside, a magical girl spotted a rock shaped like a rabbit - a guardian of a place. After half an hour I spotted a rabbit hopping down the cliff! What a ''coincidence''! We also had the opportunity of crossing paths with other wild hares at the same time as another warrior, while we were in different countries! When an animal crosses your path in a magical time, or more than once, or twice, it is important to pay attention. Animals, especially those wild ones, are the representatives of a magical power, the wild, the nature, the home, the second attention. They are messengers of the Nagual.

So, the rabbit - this sweet animal represents speed, fertility, journey, opportunities, union. Sometimes, deep inside us we already have knowledge about what we want and have to do, what path at a specific time of our lives

we should take. Unfortunately we become lazy, absorbed by non important things, ''problems'' of life. The rabbit spirit animal is a message to wake up, speed up! Enough waiting. Waiting drains our energy, things that should be done, need to get done, or else we use too much mental energy on contemplation and procrastination. The rabbit spirit animal symbolizes perception and awareness.

When a rabbit crosses our path, it is a message of some kind of relief, a nice feeling of craving positivity and joyous times. It is important to live each day in an attentive, creative manner. This way of living will bring us peace and excitement (or butterflies?) in our bellies. We drink life from both hands, and start being less absorbed mentally. A beautiful goal to connect and align mind and body becomes more and more important for our growth of everyday life.

Another side of the rabbit totem - shyness and never wanting to be at the center of attention. This needs to be managed and compromised, to continue on the journey of awareness, since we need to be brave to get out of our cocoons, to notice what is really REAL. Stop thinking about what other people think of you, how society perceives us. When a rabbit shows up - the journey is right around the corner. We shouldn't feel shy to try! Put that pink shirt on, start busking, learn a skill, laugh loudly, run freely. This spirit animal also represents love relationships OR possibilities in that area. So let's crack those insecurities and make the best of this stage of life!!!


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