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Updated: Jul 28, 2022

The classic example presented by the father of the concept of synchronicity (1946), Carl Gustav Jung, is that of a patient who tends to over-rationalize what happens to her, making her analysis ineffective. One day she tells a dream to Jung in which she receives a golden beetle. At the same time, she hears a noise at the window and Jung opens it and grabs the insect there and shows it to her patient, “Here’s your beetle,” he says, catching the insect that just bumped into the window. The shock felt at the sight of the insect had the effect of generating in her a mental release that greatly helped in the continuation of her therapy.

Synchronicities, however, are not those events more or less attributable to chance and relatively subjective that justify in our eyes the need to seek a physical theory of synchronicity. These are even more powerful events in their improbability and in their consequences, for example significant coincidence cascades that change a life in depth. One of the aspects of the most intriguing nature of synchronicities is that it seems more and more possible today to provoke them. Synchronicities can occur in certain particular circumstances of life where both psychic and material transformation is demanded by the cosmic Intelligence.

Synchronicity plays a guiding role in the process of change. On the other hand, people with a well-regulated life and who remain rooted in habits have very little chance of experiencing it. It is a phenomenon that is difficult to control and does not obey reason.

Coincidences and synchronicities take root in space-time. The human psyche receives information particles from the future in the present moment. Some researchers advocate the vision of multiple time lines with the possibility of switching or sliding from one to the other through our different levels of awareness.

From a purely shamanic point of view, synchronicities or coincidences are signs, manifestations of the Spirit that must be interpreted in a non-rational way.

Presence and centring are important notions for moving forward in the Path you have chosen… especially if you are facing many coincidences!


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