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Reminder of The Warrior's Power Pocket

Updated: Jun 27, 2022

The time around Summer solstice and this New Moon is an important period of the year. It is an opening for us to restructure and amplify our knowledge and positive vibrations (Numerology) For all of us it is a good time to remember to never stop unlocking the inner power we have within, as without it, our fire to learn, move forward and be attentive to the details of the world will be weakened. The beautiful thing is that everyone has that power and we can practise to become stronger daily!

This power, one could access it by going 'home'. For all of us 'home' has all sorts of different meanings. For some 'home' is being alone (ALL ONE - the real meaning of the word alone). For others coming back 'home' is a certain place, or sea, forest, but much more often it is an inward feeling of freedom which comes back, when we remember to make time for actions/crafts/people/art, we loved/love but we do not put enough attention to it. Everyone knows the feeling of fulfilment, lightness in the body, serenity and peace which can swallow us whole and sway us longingly.

You just need to figure out what 'home' means for you, but I bet you already know it.

Apart of going back 'home', or figuring what it means to each of us, there are some other ways we can unlock our potential in everyday life on this warrior journey.

One way is creativity, the other - is a revival of the inner child. These two go hand in hand since very rarely can we dive in the creative waters without having a nudge from the inner child within us.

Painting, dancing, singing, playing, writing are very important liberation forms which help us to be freed from the daily mind eruptions. Furthermore, doing those things in public would certainly help to crack our shell little by little. If we feel embarrassed - embarrassed feels our ego, not us! Besides, we became too stuck up and suppressed by the fast lifestyle and the non-ending flyer feast happening upon us, that we become too serious and too tired not just to dance or play, but to make the best of the simple of simplest acts of our everyday lives.

Our wild child is always on a lookout for situations that can liberate ourselves, even for a minute. The child waits and waits but never gives up on us. We can always trust it will show the way to fun and where no mind related noise can reach us. Do you, dear reader, ever experience a sensation in the stomach and itching toes and fingers to just go and do THAT or THAT deed, but have found yourself stuck on a chair hearing your mind quietly telling you: what are you doing? You don't know how to...... what might people say / think?

In these situations our inner child loses once again and we do not unlock that inch of power that day. We can begin again to-morrow.

To improve we can heartily use the enormous help which children, nature or animals offer us. They are our best teachers and guidance we need for a freeier life and instinct based actions. Look around and spot a wild cat, her movements, her presence, her solemness, her fights and her cheerfulness. All is real, all is in the right moment.

Touch the tree, feel his age and his story. What does she tell you?

Observe the kids playing and having fun. Do they calculate their actions?

Have a very fruitful summer!


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